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About Me:

Hi everyone, I am Padraig Fahy (aka. VampiricPadraig).

I am a 26yo, AmbivertISFP, Tech Support Agent for Blacknight based in Co. Carlow, Ireland but originally from Co. Monaghan.

I have been online since about 2005 but wasn’t devoted till 2008 when I joined Twitter.
On the side, I am a freelancer Linux gameserver manager and computer “maintenance guy”.

My full CV can be found at padraigfahy.com/cv although, it may not load correctly.
Right-click this link and save it -> http://padraigfahy.com/files/cv.pdf

Padraig.blog is part of the ClearWeb Blogging & Website Network. ClearWeb is a small handful of websites providing content about video games, technology and more. Check the main ClearWeb page for more information.

I am fluid in the English language and HATE talking on the internet in “txt spk”.
I am somewhat fluid in HTML web language and currently learning CSS along with PHP.

My main hobby is video games. I am a avid fan of FPS (First Person Shooters), RPG (Role-Playing Games) and MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games). You can find out more about my gaming “life” by clicking here


If you spam the comments section, your post will automatically be removed and blocked from posting on the site. I would like to keep this site as clean as possible. Thank you!

Do not email me asking to do “guest posts” that requires that I place a link within my blog. My blog is not a advertising playground! I have the final decision on what goes on my blog, so please don’t cry like a child if I reject your comment.

Spammers whom email me will be blocked and deleted. Unauthorised phone calls will be reported to a database and local authorities.

Contact Information:

You are free to contact me on ANY of the following details at any time.

Twitter: @PadraigFahy
Email: [email protected] or [email protected]
Skype: VampiricPadraig
LinkedIn: http://ie.linkedin.com/in/padraigfahy/
Facebook: http://facebook.com/fahyie

My Twitter Accounts: 
The following is a list of Twitter accounts I am a owner of:

Padraig.Blog Logo Guidelines:

My logo belongs to me, Padraig Fahy and ONLY me! I place it into sites which belong to me. I do not place it into sites if I am not the main owner of the site (As in, if I worked on YOUR site, I will NEVER put the logo on your site.)

Now, in saying that, you are not allowed to place a logo onto your site without my permission.
If you would like to place my logo, please contact me before doing anything. My email address is above!

Special Logos:

The following logos are used on Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Steam to reflect on a certain time of year. Some of these logos will be used year after year (Like Christmas and St. Patrick’s Day), but there might be 1-off logos for certain events.

I have moved the logos to a new page. Click here to view the logos now

Cookie Policy:

I know that no one will read this bit but, I love cookies….Especially the double chocolate chip “American Style” cookies *drool*.

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