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About Me:

Hi everyone, I am Padraig Fahy.

I am a 29yo Ambivert, ISFP, Tech Support Agent for Blacknight based in Co. Carlow, Ireland but originally from Co. Monaghan.

I have been online since about 2005 but wasn’t devoted till 2008 when I joined Twitter.
On the side, I am a freelancer Linux gameserver manager and computer “maintenance guy”.

My full CV can be found at padraigfahy.com/cv although, it may not load correctly.
Right-click this link and save it -> http://padraigfahy.com/files/cv.pdf

Padraig.blog is part of the ClearWeb Blogging & Website Network. ClearWeb is a small handful of websites providing content about video games, technology and more. Check the main ClearWeb page for more information.

I am fluid in the English language and HATE talking on the internet in “txt spk”.
I am somewhat fluid in HTML web language and currently learning CSS along with PHP.

My main hobby is video games. I am an avid fan of MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing) games, mainly playing Final Fantasy XIV Online.

    • You can find out more about my gaming “life” by clicking here

I also like Anime and Otaku culture.


Do not email me asking to do “guest posts” that requires that I place a link within my blog. My blog is not an advertising playground! I have the final decision on what goes on my blog, so please don’t cry like a child if I reject your comment.

Contact Information:

You are free to contact me on ANY of the following details at any time.

Cookie Policy:

I know that no one will read this bit but, I love cookies….Especially the double chocolate chip “American Style” cookies *drool*.

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