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It’s all about me!

First and foremost, the blog post relating to my trip to NYC will be available in drips and drabs over the next week or two!

Before I left for NYC, I decided to make a big decision on the future of my gaming community Enigma (Formerly Nologam) and that was to shut it down.

I have attempting to build a gaming community over the last 9 years and to this day, I have not been successful. After staying up for multiple nights and working on it, I felt that me continuing something that I didn’t have a passion for was….a waste on my physical and mental health.

So I decided to stop. Then today, I decided to look at what sites I was running and make some changes which is manageable and don’t require an absurd amount of time to maintain. will be staying as my main blog and there is no plans to change that! is going to get a rebrand and will become – More news on that over on in the coming days/weeks.

As Enigma/Nologam has now been closed down, I have set up my own Discord server so people can keep in touch with me. If you wish to join, go to

I may create something new in the future, but for now:

“It’s all about me”


Padraig.Blog V1.0

Today, along with the release of Ghost 1.0, I have decided to updated the blog with the brand new Ghost 1.0 theme and modified it so that it will show a new random image daily from Unsplash

How? Here’s how!

In your new Ghost install, navigate to content/themes/casper/ and open index.hbs

On, Line 6, replace:

<header class="site-header outer {{#if @blog.cover_image}}" style="background-image: url({{@blog.cover_image}}){{else}}no-cover{{/if}}">


<header class="site-header outer {{#if @blog.cover_image}}" style="background-image: url({{else}}no-cover{{/if}}">

Save, and restart ghost by going back to the root of your Ghost install and invoke:
ghost restart

Anyway, new content coming soon (As soon as I can get over this damn cold that I have had for about a week now!)

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Padraig.Blog v0.5

Previous Post: – v0.4

So it has been 7 months since the last site update, which I honestly think is the longest I have gone without a site update on ANY of the sites that I run under Clearweb.

Anyway, while it may not seem that much different, I have changed the theme to Odin and modified it in places with to better reflect the previous theme, Crush.

The main thing that has to be done is AMP Support which I am going to try and get working in the next day or sooner if possible.

Links of the Day will return tomorrow and I am going to determine if I will have it back full time going forward. Look out for that announcement in tomorrow’s post!

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(The picture means nothing…just something to throw in 😛 )

Hi everyone.

First of all, I want to thank everyone who has viewed my latest post regarding the Christmas Console Guide. If you have not seen this post, click here:

Additionally, I have been wondering for the longest of time why the font wasn’t loading correctly and I finally found out that the script that is being used by the theme is not using https:// so that has now been updated and is finally working.

I have recently purchased 2 new domains (hehe), First of all ‘’ which is a simple re-direct to this blog…I don’t have any plans for that domain as of yet, but the 2nd domain…I do.! – Yup, I got the shortname for "Final Fantasy XIV" and I plan to turn that into a Blog about FFXIV news and updates. I am really happy that I got this and I hope that Square-Enix doesn’t come after my ass on the matter 😛

My interest for the previous post was inspired by me recently joining an "Irish Bloggers" group on Facebook, so if you are interesting in joining, go here:

I will be brining back an old series to the blog, so look forward to that! 🙂
Hint: Series 7!