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So about Wrestlemania 35

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So about Wrestlemania 35… It was brilliant! Well, about 95% of it anyway. The only match that let it down was the Baron Corbin vs Kurt Angle match. Other than that, it was a solid way to begin the 2019/2020 season of WWE.

Without further ado, let’s have a recap of last night’s show!


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WWE Super Show-Down PPV Predictions

The following is a cross-post from my Wressling blog at is a finalist in the Sports Category for the Blog Awards Ireland 2018.
More info about the event will be on my personal Twitter @PadraigFahy and of course my Wrestling Twitter: @Wressling_

From Melbourne, Australia, it is WWE Super Show-Down. These are my predictions for the upcoming PPV which is being shown at 10AM (UK/Irish time) on Saturday October 6th on the WWE Network!

The show is being held in the Melbourne Cricket Ground which normally hosts 100,000 people but I believe the numbers are close to 75,000.

With that said, let’s get into the predictions for this PPV.

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WWE Summerslam 2018 PPV Predictions

Welcome everyone to my 3rd SummerSlam predictions. This year, once again, the show is being brought to you from the Barclays Centre in Brooklyn, New York and this 6 hour show is STACKED to the hill!

So without any delay, let’s get into these predictions:

Tag Team Match (Kickoff Show)
Rusev & Lana vs Andrade “Cien” Almas & Zelina Vega
PREDICTION: This feud has been more about Aiden English and whether he is going to turn on Rusev/Lana or maybe visa-versa but I have really enjoyed the build up to this match quite a bit and its really nice to see Zelina Vega inside a WWE ring performing rather than solely being a manager. Rusev & Lana to win.
Singles Match
Finn Bálor vs Constable Baron Corbin
PREDICTION: This is a rubber match from Extreme Rules and while this has been a comedic little feud, this is nothing but damaging for Finn as it is showing him to be a mid-carder and to be honest, he should be in the Universal Title scene as he was in that Universal Championship match this time 2 years ago! Finn to win!
Singles Match
Daniel Bryan vs The Miz
PREDICTION: This feud has been 8 years in the making since the original NXT gameshow and what a feud this has been and it is great that we are getting the blow-off match right now in 2018 and it is still shocking to see Daniel Bryan back in action. Daniel Bryan to win
Singles Match (If Braun loses, Kevin becomes Mr. Money in the Bank)
Braun Strowman vs Kevin Owens
PREDICTION: This feud was started a bit too early as it seemed to have stretched from the early days of the build up of the Extreme Rules PPV in order for it to just be about the MITB case. I don’t expect Braun to lose this as he is just a tank (And a monster) and I think a few months without seeing KO will do no harm. 😉 Braun to win and retain his MITB case.
Tag Team Match for the RAW Tag Team Championship (Kickoff Show)
The B-Team (C) vs The Revival
PREDICTION: The Revival have come out of nowhere and all of a sudden going against a remade The B-Team who have had their theme changed to a really crap song (in my opinion of course) and from the looks of things, they could be losing those titles really shortly as there isn’t anything more that they can do with those titles. The Revival to win!
Singles Match for the Cruiserweight Championship (Kickoff Show)
Cedric Alexander (C) vs Drew Gulak
PREDICTION: This will go down as a fantastic no matter what way that you look at it and I feel that they should be moved to the pre-show of NXT Takeover as they are that good of a match. Cedric is fantastic in the ring and Gulak is just as great in terms of promo. Cedric to retain the CW Championship.
Tag Team Match for the SmackDown Tag Team Championship
The Bludgeon Brothers (C) vs The New Day
PREDICTION:The Bludgeon Brothers are by far the best dominant Tag Team in WWE today and I can see them go on to be a lot bigger (Hopefully they will get moved over to RAW at the next Shakeup), so I would like them to retain the titles for another few months. The Bludgeon Brothers to retain!
Singles Match for the United States Championship
Shinsuke Nakamura (C) vs Jeff Hardy
PREDICTION: The new “Enigmic” Jeff Hardy is here taking on Shinsuke, but he has to be careful to not get trapped by Randy Orton if he is lurking around. This feud has been pretty ‘meh’ so hopefully at Survivor Series, we hope to see something bigger. Shinsuke to retain.
Triple Threat for the SmackDown Women’s Championship
Carmella (C) vs Charlotte Flair vs Becky Lynch
PREDICTION: Right, a couple of predictions. Either Charlotte wins and Becky turns on her or Becky wins and Charlotte turns on her. Carmella is going to lose the title to Charlotte or Becky but I can’t really decide on whom is going to do what. I would love to see Becky win without any turning from with Carmella and Charlotte but who knows. Becky to win!
Singles Match for the Intercontinental Championship 
Dolph Ziggler (C) vs Seth Rollins
PREDICTION: With the returning Dean Ambrose by Seth’s side, it evens the playing field when it comes to this match and I feel that Seth is ready to become the IC Champ once again. Hopefully at the next PPV, we will get Drew McIntyre vs Dean Ambrose. Seth to win.
Singles Match for the RAW Women’s Championship
Alexa Bliss (C) vs Ronda Rousey
PREDICTION: Well, you do not have to know wrestling as to what is going to be happening in this match. Simply put: Ronda to win the RAW Women’s Championship. The feud has been meh at best and I’m tired of chicken-shit-heel Alexa. It’s boring now. Let’s get some new faces winning.
Singles Match for the WWE Championship
AJ Styles (C) vs Samoa Joe
PREDICTION: This has been a rematch that has been a few years in the making with the last singles match that they had was back in 2012 in TNA. Now Joe has his sights on Styles and his WWE Championship. To be honest, AJ has done what he can with the WWE Championship and it wouldn’t hurt him if he lost the title and I can see Joe being a monster heel with this title. Samoa Joe to win.
Singles Match for the Universal Championship
Brock Lesnar (C) vs Roman Reigns
PREDICTION: Just like Alexa v Ronda…we know how this going to go. It’s the 4th match between Brock and Roman and at this point…I am sick of talking about it because of how trash the Universal Championship is in WWE. Just give the title to Roman and lets be done with it. Roman to win. 


And that is it. Apologies for the posts going up a bit late, but I have had a boat-load of work ahead of me and I didn’t get ample opportunity to get it done.

I am not going to be Live Tweeting the PPV but I hope that you follow on Twitter: @Wressling_ for when new posts get released! 🙂

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WWE NXT Takeover: Brooklyn 4 Predictions

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For the 4th time, WWE’s Yellow & Black brand, NXT is taking over the Barclays Centre in Brooklyn, New York for the pre-Summerslam PPV.

Without further ado, let’s predict this PPV:

Single Match
EC3 vs The Velveteen Dream
PREDICTION: EC3 has been a breath of fresh air since appearing on NXT and a being in a high profile match against Dream can only accelerate his career and he can be on the main roster within a year which I would love to see. I love Dream’s matches and he will be exciting to watch. Velveteen Dream to win.
NXT North American Championship Match
Adam Cole (C) vs Ricochet
PREDICTION: This should be one of the matches of the night (What am I saying, all the matches should be matches of the night 😛 ) but Ricochet is a fantastic wrestler and has the potential to make this match a 5 Star match. Adam Cole is a really good champion but he doesn’t need to have the title to be ‘big’. Ricochet to win the title.
NXT Tag Team Championship Match
The Undisputed ERA (C) vs Moustache Mountain
PREDICTION: ERA is probably the best tag team in wrestling today and between the 3 of them. They could hold the NXT Tag Team Championships for a very long time (Hopefully they will only lose them when they decide to go to the main roster) – In saying that, I do love Tyler Bate in Moustache Mountain and what they have achieved in the NXT UK division. I would like to see them take the titles and bring it with them to the NXT UK shows and put on a great performance there. Moustache Mountain to win the title. 
NXT Women’s Championship Match

Shayna Baszler (C)

vs Kairi Sane
PREDICTION: This is a re-match that has been a year in the making. A rematch of the initial Mae Young Classic tournament but this time, it is for the NXT Women’s Championship match. Kairi’s elbow is probably the best in the business but Shayna has great MMA skills that can help her retain the championship, Both of them are tough fighters so I would like to see them have a long match. Kairi Sane to win the title.
NXT Championship Match
Tomasso Ciampa (C) vs Johnny Gargano
PREDICTION: Well, this is the match that I have been looking for. These two have had the best fued in ALL of WWE for the last good few years and it is nice to see a conclusion to this. I predict that this is going to be a hard hitting match as we have seen in the last couple of matches that they have had and with that, I would love to see Johnny to come out on top and become the NEW NXT Champion. Johnny Gargano to win the title.

So there we go, I have ALL the titles change hands tonight as there is potential for call ups after Summerslam. Ciampa, ERA, Cross…Maybe a few more,..who knows.

I will more than likely NOT live tweeting the event this time but I am looking forward to it!

You can follow me on Twitter: @Wressling_

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WWE Money in the Bank 2018 PPV Predictions

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Hi everyone and welcome to my 3rd Money in the Bank PPV Predictions.

Once again this year, we have 2 Money in the Bank matches…One for the women and one for the men. There was supposed to be a 3rd Money in the Bank match for the Tag Teams but they scrapped that idea fairly quickly.

There is 4 men from RAW taking on 4 men from SmackDown (Yes, I am counting The New Day as 1) and the same amount of women for the Women’s match.

But what IS Money in the Bank? I explained this good detail in my predictions post from last year. You can read that explanation here:

Also with this PPV, we will see the singles debut of Ronda Rousey against Nia Jax for the RAW Women’s Championship.

Anyway, let’s get into it. Oh and I am going to lob the MITB matches in as a Title Match.

Singles Match
 Roman Reigns VS Jinder Mahal
PREDICTION: At this point, I am sick at looking at Roman Reigns…He is not doing anything and is basically filling his time until he can face Brock Lesnar again at SummerSlam. This is really a nothing match and Jinder is going to end up losing. I really doubt that Jinder is going to go far in this run of WWE.  Roman Reigns to win


Singles Match
 Bobby Lashley VS Sami Zayn
PREDICTION: After this week’s RAW, I started to question as to WTF WWE are smoking when it comes to making up storylines. An obstacle course…I didn’t know I was watching Ninja Warrior…but OK. This is going to be a squash match in my opinion where Bobby is going to flatten Sami. In my opinion, this match should have been on the kickoff show and not the SmackDown Tag Team Match. Bobby Lashley to win.


Singles Match
 Daniel Bryan VS Big Cass
PREDICTION: This is also a nothing match where Big Cass has to prove to himself that he can do it on his own in WWE without Enzo Amore. This is literally a David vs Goliath match and the build of this feud was pretty horrible. Daniel Bryan to win.
Tag Team Match for the SmackDown Tag Team Championships (Kickoff Show)
 The Bludgeon Brothers (C) VS Luke Gallows &
Karl Anderson
PREDICTION: I will never understand WWE…WHY IS THERE A 4-HOUR PPV AND YET YOU STILL HAVE TO PUT THE SD TAG TEAM MATCH ON THE PRE-SHOW?!??! This is insane and I feel bad for all involved as they should be on the main card. If anything, put Lashley/Zayn or Bryan/Cass on the pre-show…It would make more sense. There is no feud here. Nothing match. Bludgeon Brothers to retain!


Singles Match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship
 Seth Rollins (C) VS Elias
PREDICTION: This is the probably the best match that Elias has ever had in WWE. Seth and Elias seem to have good chemistry and the feud has been good, and I know that it is going to be a enjoyable match at the end of it all. Let’s hope it doesn’t end in a DQ if Elias decides to hit Seth Rollins with a guitar. Seth to retain.


Singles Match for the SmackDown Women’s Championship
 Carmella (C) VS Asuka
PREDICTION: Well, after Carmella tapped out to the Asuka Lock, we can kinda see what way this is going to go. I have a feeling that Asuka is going to make this look easy. I have never been a big fan of Carmella, so it would be nice for her to pick up her first WWE Main Roster title. If this match is AFTER the Women’s MITB, I doubt that they will cash in on the same night. Asuka to become the new SmackDown Women’s Champion.


Singles Match for the RAW Women’s Championship
 Nia Jax (C) VS Ronda Rousey
PREDICTION: Well, you don’t have to be a WWE viewer to know which way this going to go. Yes, Nia is big and strong but she ain’t a ‘Ronda Rousey’ and it is this star power that is going to allow Ronda to pick up the victory against Nia Jax. It will be a submission that allow her to get the win. Ronda Rousey to become the new RAW Women’s Champion.


Last Man Standing Match for the WWE Championship
 AJ Styles (C) VS Shinsuke Nakamura
PREDICTION: I shall ask this again.. WHY DOES HE KEEP HITTING ME IN THE DICK!? AJ…Please, just wear a cup because it is a ‘Last Man Standing’ match and he is going to low-blow you all the way to NXT. It is not worth it… Despite saying this, Nakamura is not going to win because I would like to see Styles lose it at SummerSlam…He is not ready to drop the title now. AJ Styles to retain!


Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match
 The Miz
Braun Strowman
Bobby Roode
Kevin Owens
Samoa Joe
VS Rusev
Finn Balor
Kofi Kingston
Big E
Xavier Woods
PREDICTION: Well, this always becomes the most difficult part of the night…Finding out who is going to win the Money in the Bank match. I have a really bad prediction on what’s going to happen here.

I think it going to be one of the members of The New Day and I honestly believe that it is time for Big E to go back our on his own and turn heel on the other two breaking The New Day up.

I know, I know…sounds crazy, but it has been on the cards for a while, so I could see it happening. If not, I would like to see Finn Balor winning it. (Not because I am biased, but just that he COULD be Mr. MITB) – Big E to win the Money in the Bank Contract!


Womens’ Money in the Bank Ladder Match
Charlotte Flair 
Alexa Bliss
VS Ember Moon
Becky Lynch
Sasha Banks
PREDICTION: Likewise, this could go to anyone bar Naomi. They wouldn’t allow Naomi to win the Wrestlemania Battle Royale and Money In The Bank (But hey, I could be wrong). The other girls all have a serious good chance including Becky and Charlotte (I smell a heel turn by the way).

Ember Moon is a recent NXT Call up and I feel that she may not be ready to be lobbed in the same pool as Ronda Rousey should she decide to cash in on the same night. Sasha Banks could gun for it as there is a bit of heel-ish work that she can do between her and Bayley.

The underdog for all of this is of course, Lana! Lana has been getting better and better in the ring in the last year and it would be nice for her to have a big of boost of momentum and could possibly challenge Asuka for the SmackDown Women’s Championship but will probably end up losing that match.

And that is my predictions for WWE Money in the Bank PPV. I will try to do my best to Livetweet this over on @PFWressling – But with scheduling, this may not happen (Or it’ll happen late)

Let me know who you think is going to win the matches and why!

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WWE NXT TakeOver: Chicago II Predictions

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Hi everyone and welcome to my predictions for NXT TakeOver: Chicago II.

There is 3 title matches tonight where the NXT Championship, Women’s Championship and Tag Team Championships are all on the line.

Non-Title Matches
Chicago Street Fight
Johnny Gargano VS Tomasso Ciampa
PREDICTION: This was a hard choice for me as both are really good and I can see both of them going to the main roster either now after MITB or Summerslam, both of them are fantastic! Johnny Gargano to win!


Singles Match
Ricochet VS Velveteen Dream
PREDICTION: This is going to be my ‘Match of the Night’ and the two of them will put on a great match together. I feel that Velveteen Dream could come up to the main roster after this match as he has served his purpose. Ricochet is just a fantastic athlete, brilliant spot monkey and he will do well in NXT and WWE. Ricochet to win!
Title Matches
Singles Match for the NXT Women’s Championship
Shayna Baszler (C) VS Nikki Cross
PREDICTION: Nikki Cross is ready to leave NXT to join Sanity and be on the main roster, but I suppose she wanted to have one last title match in NXT against Shayna. I absolutely love Nikki. Her little Scottish devilish heel persona really suits her well but I do not see her claiming the title. Shayna to retain.


Tag Team Match for the NXT Tag Team Championship
The Undisputed ERA (C) VS Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch
PREDICTION: ERA are on a roll as one of the best tag teams in WWE of all time and they are only in NXT!! With their superb match at NXT Takeover New Orleans against AoP and Pete Dunne/Roddy Strong and then going on to defend them again at the UK Championship Tournament a few days afterwards makes them the best workers in the WWE. As for Lorcan and Burch, it is simply not their time but should still be a entertaining match none-the-less. The Undisputed ERA to retain!


Singles Match for the NXT Championship
Aleister Black (C) VS Lars Sullivan
PREDICTION: Well, this was a shock. Lars in a championship match. This monster is a wreking force in NXT and has become a literal monster and could easily go up against someone like Braun Strowman on the main roster. There isn’t enough of ‘big men’ on the main roster now since most of them have retired and it would be fitting for him to lose the match just for him to get to the main roster. He has done very well in NXT and I can only see him do bigger things in the future.
As for Aleister, there is no one that can stop him at the moment. Maybe EC3 or Ricochet at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn but this is a minor TakeOver in my opinion and he doesn’t need to drop it yet. Aleister to retain!


And that is my predictions. If there is any more matches announced on tonight’s NXT, then I will update this post with those matches and updates for this will be posted on Twitter @PFWressling where I will be live-tweeting NXT TakeOver and Money in the Bank PPV!


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Why SmackDown should be picked up by another network

It was reported this week that WWE has re-signed RAW to continue being broadcast on the USA Network at nearly 3 times it’s current value which should hopefully keep the program there for about 5 years or so but full details would be revealed by September 2018.  The current contract for RAW with NBC Universal (The owners of the USA Network) expires in September of 2019.

As for SmackDown, well, NBCU haven’t agreed to re-sign the show…yet, but WWE is looking to move the show to another network and the favourite to ‘win’ this show is FOX. And I personally see this as a fantastic opportunity to make RAW vs SmackDown Live a bigger deal than what it is today.

SmackDown has been under the NBCU umbrella since 2010 but moved from SyFy to USA Network in 2016 and has done well in becoming it’s own brand since the WWE Brand Extension back in August 2016.

Making the move to FOX would start a rivalry between FOX and NBCU for ratings for the shows and if WWE were smart about this, they would have 2 separate production companies running each show, so that RAW and SD would have their own ‘flavour’ instead of being “Let’s replace Red with Blue and go live”.

This opportunity would see a proper “Rating War” between the two brands when it comes down to a PPV like Survivor Series where if one person ONLY watched RAW, they may be surprised at what the talent is like on SmackDown and visa-versa.

WWE moving SmackDown to a big competitor of NBCU to say…CBS could also be huge and could pull in a new audience who might not have watched wrestling previously.

I will keep an eye on this deal and see what WWE does with SmackDown as I am a fan of SmackDown Live (And NXT 😛 )


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WWE Backlash 2018 Predictions

Welcome everyone to my Backlash PPV Predictions.

This is the first of the new co-branded PPV’s that are not the “BIg 4” where superstars from RAW and SmackDown Live are now on the same show.

5 hour PPV’s every month, anyone?

Anyway, let’s get into these predictions!

As there is stars from RAW and SmackDown going to be competing, I am going to marking each superstar with their respective brand colours going forward:

  • RED for RAW
  • BLUE for SmackDown Live
  • ORANGE for NXT (Yellow would be too bright for the page 😛 )
  • PURPLE for 205 Live


Singles Match
Daniel Bryan vs Big Cass
 PREDICTION: This is the first feud that Daniel Bryan has been involved in since returning to in-ring competition and weirdly, it is with Big Cass. I can see this being a David v Goliath match because of Big Cass being 7ft tall (And you can’t teach that) but Daniel Bryan is a hard-hitting monster-baby-face that will probably win this. Daniel Bryan to win.

Tag Team Match Match
Bobby Lashley
Braun Strowman
vs Sami Zayn
Kevin Owens
 PREDICTION: I am not sure where Bobby & Braun come into this…They don’t appear to be a formidable tag-team. I think this was thrown together last second because they need to use Sami & Kevin. It would look like that Bobby & Braun would win, but I would suspect that Sami & Kevin would be up to something sneaky to snap the win from Bobby & Braun. Braun & Bobby to win.

Singles Match
Roman Reigns vs Samoa Joe
 PREDICTION: The Big Dog need a -big- win after his loss at the Greatest Royal Rumble to Brock Lesnar but this is just filler match until we can get Roman and Brock again (Probably Money in the Bank PPV? ) but for now, I would be happy to see either man win this match, so I am going to give it to Samoa Joe.


United States Championship Match
Jeff Hardy (C) vs Randy Orton
PREDICTION: Jeff has become a fantastic US Champ with very little words. If Jeff could start cutting promos and be bit more “Heel~ish” (Or even Broken), then it would be a lot more interesting. Jeff to retain the US Title.

Intercontinental Championship Match
Seth Rollins (C) vs The Miz
PREDICTION: Seth is just amazing at being a baby-face. He got a loud pop on RAW this week after the hectic schedule that he has endured in the last couple of weeks. Going from US to South Africa to Saudi Arabia to US to Canada and then back to United Stated. A lot just from one person and he has defended his IC Title anywhere he went. I will say this straight off, The Miz is not getting the title. As long as the US Title is on SmackDown, the IC won’t go there. Miz will have to wait a bit longer before he can become 9 time Intercontinental Champion. It should be a cool match with some hard-hitting moves from both guys. Seth to retain.

RAW Women’s Championship Match
Nia Jax (C) vs Alexa Bliss
PREDICTION: Babyface Nia is just brilliant. She is so wholesome and having the RAW Women’s championship now is what she needed. With the “pity”-PSA that Alexa has been showing on RAW, it looks like that she could be looking at becoming a 3-time RAW Women’s Championship, but I have my doubts about her claiming the title (Unless there is interference), so Nia Jax to retain!

SmackDown Women’s Championship Match
Carmella (C) vs Charlotte Flair
PREDICTION: Carmella is just a promo-girl, she is OK in the ring (I am not saying that she is a terrible wrestler) but her mic skills and promos could do with a bit of work in my opinion. Charlotte is obviously having her re-match clause invoked. I would like to see Charlotte winning because Carmella is just a chicken-shit heel that will try to run away from a match. Charlotte to win the SD Women’s Championship.

No Disqualification Match for the WWE Championship
AJ Styles (C) vs Shinsuke Nakamura
PREDICTION: “WHY DOES HE STILL KEEP HITTING ME IN THE DICK?!” Shinsuke “Low-Blows” Nakamura has been low-blowing AJ for the last few weeks as a result of being jealous of not being WWE Champion. AJ could be going to “Low-Blow City” as this is now a No DQ Championship match. I hope that AJ destroys Shinsuke and be able to dominate over him, but I wouldn’t be disappointing if the WWE Championship was to drop to Shinsuke. He has been on fire lately. AJ to retain!


And that is my predictions for Backlash PPV. I will try to live tweet the event on @PFWressling on the night but can’t guarantee anything. Keep an eye on Twitter for updates!

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Wrestlemania 34 Title Matches Predictions

Welcome everyone to the 3rd and final prediction post for Wrestlemania 34. A I am writing this post, we are just a few hours away from NXT TakeOver: New Orleans show. If you want to catch my predictions for NXT TakeOver, click here: NXT TakeOver: New Orleans 2018 Predictions

For all the NON-Title Matches Predictions, click here to view that post – Wrestlemania 34 Non-Title Predictions!

Anyway, here we go with all the predictions for all the title matches. Wooooooooooo!

Universal Championship 
   Brock Lesnar (C) vs Roman Reigns

PREDICTION: Well, we all know how this one is going to turn out. Brock is about to leave WWE to go back to UFC and it would appear that the deal is apparently done, so Brock may just simply throw this match in order for Roman to win. If I am totally wrong that he is not going anywhere, I still don’t see him winning. Roman is the guy in the WWE and Vince will do anything that he can to get Roman in the big spot light.

The only thing that is going to solve us hating Roman is by getting him to turn hell, but you know that it ain’t going to happen any time soon. Roman to win!


WWE Championship 
AJ Styles (C) vs Shinsuke Nakamura

PREDICTION: This is a dream match that we have been waiting for since their encounter at Wrestle Kingdom 10. This match is surely going to be the match of the night as they are going to be hard-hitting, high-flying and more. I would be happy for either guy to win as they are very good in my eyes. This is probably going to be a match of the night contender and I would personally like to see Shinsuke Nakamura win the WWE Championship.


SmackDown Women’s Championship 
Charlotte (C) vs Asuka

PREDICTION: Title vs Streak. This is a tricky once for a couple of reasons. Charlotte may be the person to break Asuka’s streak. Asuka may win the title and then  you have Carmella to think about (She is more than likely going to cash in tonight)

Both of these ladies have submissions as their weapons and they are not afraid to use them. Asuka could choke Charlotte out so it would be called off rather than being a tap out, but who knows. This should be a interesting match with some good story telling and I am looking forward to this. I want Asuka to win the SmackDown Women’s Championship.



Triple Threat for the SmackDown Tag Team Championship 
The Usos (C) vs The New Day
  The Bludgeon Brothers

PREDICTION: Right, let’s get this out of the way. As good as they are, I do not see Harper and Rowan gaining the tag titles…I don’t feel that this is the right time for them to have the titles. They are not ready. The New Day have a reason to win them…if they do, they would be a 5-time WWE World Tag Team Champions. The Usos are by far the best Tag Team in the WWE today. Their heel run is by far the best run that they have had in the company and I would hate to see them losing the titles to New Day…Maybe someone from NXT can take it off them at SummerSlam or something. Usos to retain.


Triple Threat for the Intercontinental Championship 
The Miz (C) vs Finn Balor
  Seth Rollins

PREDICTION: Well, this is a match I didn’t know I wanted. Balor, Miz and Rollins all in the same ring for the IC Title. This should be a fantastic, hard-hitting match and the previous feud that Rollins had with Balor should make this a good match to follow closely. It would be great if Finn Balor could actually win the title tonight as he NEEDS to have a title on him. Seth doesn’t need a title reign at the moment and in my opinion, I feel that Seth is doing OK where he is on the roster. He is in a good place! Finn Balor to win.


 Fatal 4-Way for the United States Championship 
Randy Orton (C) vs Bobby Roode
Jinder Mahal  Rusev

PREDICTION: Well, this was a singles match turned into a triple match, turned in a fatal 4-way. This would be Randy’s first defence of the title since he won the title back at the Fastlane PPV. Bobby Roode has really gotten better but is still suffering from that ‘post-NXT-bury’ that some of the superstars have been subjected to and doesn’t make them feel as ‘big’ as what they were back in NXT.

I am really happy to see Jinder Mahal in this match as he needs a rebound after losing the WWE Championship. He looks like he was buried to the bottom of the roster whenever he lost the title and hasn’t picked up steam again…so here is hoping that he has a good match. And then we turn our attention to Rusev.

Rusev is good. He is great and he has been a United States Champion (twice) and he is up against some good opponents which should make this match a highly-rated one. I would personally like to see Rusev Day (Wouldn’t it be great for Rusev to win the US Title on Rusev Day? :O ) – Rusev is a good foreign heel with some powerful moves and this I think that Rusev should win the US Title.


Raw Tag Team Championship 
The Bar vs Braun Strowman & ???

PREDICTION: Well, we STILL do not know who Braun’s partner is…My prediction for that it is is going to be the return of Samoa Joe. Whomever it is, it is going to be a win for Braun and his partner…..I do not see The Bar retaining at all. Braun is going to be the powerhouse that is known to be and even those Cesaro and Sheamus is good, it is not going to be enough to defeat Braun and his partner. Braun & his tag team partner to win.


 RAW Women’s Championship 
Alexa Bliss (C) vs Nia Jax

PREDICTION: This is also slated to be a good match as it is a feud that I have been looking at closely. Nia Jax has become a fantastic character in the last few months and while I am happy for her to have a title match at Wrestlemania, I feel that Alexa is going to retain,  BUT here is a curve ball and my overall prediction. Carmella is going to cash in her Money in the Bank contract, pin one of them and run with the title. Carmella is going to cash in and win.


 Cruiserwright Championship Tournament Final for the Cruiserweight Championship [KICK-OFF SHOW] 
Cedric Alexander vs Mustafi Ali

PREDICTION: And here we have the match of the night. 205 Live has become the hottest brand in WWE (A very close 2nd behind NXT) and this match for the CW title is going to be the best match on the card in my opinion. These guys has been built brilliant and pushed to new heights. Drake Maverick seems to be a very good GM for 205 Live and I am excited where the show goes after Wrestlemania. Cedric Alexander to win the CW title!


And that is finally the predictions done. Apologies for the delay in getting this post out. Being busy and having the flu really put a dampner on things and prevented me from completing this, but alas it is done now.

I will be live tweeting tonight at 10pm with the pre-show and at 12pm for the main show. You can follow me on Twitter: @PFWressling 

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NXT TakeOver: New Orleans 2018 Predictions

Welcome to the 2nd of 3 Wrestlemania weekend posts where I predict every match that is on the card on Saturday and Sunday.
For my predictions on the non-title matches at Wrestlemania 34, click here: Wrestlemania 34 Non-Title Predictions!

This post is going to go over all my predictions for NXT TakeOver: New Orleans.

In my opinion, NXT is going to be a better show than Wrestlemania 34.

Anyway, let’s get into the predictions for this illustrious card.

Non-Title Matches:


Unsanctioned Match
If Gargano wins, he is back in NXT. If he loses, he will be banished from NXT forever.
 Johnny Gargano VS Tommaso Ciampa

PREDICTION: This is going to be match of the weekend. This feud started back at NXT Chicago back in May 2017. They are back for a big match which massive implications (Mostly for Gargano). If Johnny wins, he is re-instated in NXT but if he loses, he is ‘banished’ from NXT (Main Roster debut basically). Honestly, as much as I love Johnny Wrestling, I want him to lose so that he can debut on the main roster. So overall, I want Tommaso Ciampa to win this match. I hope that by SummerSlam 2018, Ciampa is called up. Both of them should be called up the night after Wrestlemania but honestly I think that Ciampa could do with a extra few months.


Title Matches:

NXT Women’s Championship 
 Ember Moon (C) VS Shayna Baszler

PREDICTION: This is a re-match from NXT TakeOver: Philadelphia in which it was a submission-based match where Shayna seemed very dominant in the match. A good feud that this has been and I wouldn’t be surprised if Ember does lose the title but I hope that Ember gets to keep the belt for a good while as she does appear to be a very good champion. I can see big things for Ember in the future including a massive push when gets into the Main Roster and has a feud with Alexa Bliss/Asuka/Sasha Banks. Ember Moon to retain.

 6-man ladder match for the NXT North American Championship 
   EC3 VS Velveteen Dream
   Adam Cole  Lars Sullivan  
 Killian Dain  Ricochet  

PREDICTION: This one is very difficult to call as you have 6 of the best guys in NXT including EC3 (formally of IMPACT Wrestling) and Ricochet. Adam Cole seems like a good shout and would mean that all members of the Undisputed Era are champions. Lars Sullivan is a dark horse in this whole thing as he is being pushed but it is probably going to turn out that he is going to start a feud with Killian Dain later down the road. Velveteen Dream is the person that I want to win, but I won’t be surprised if the title does go to EC3 or Adam Cole.


Triple Threat for the NXT Tag Team Championship 
   Undisputed Era (sans Bobby Fish) (C)  VS  Roderick Strong & Pete Dunne

 Authors of Pain

PREDICTION: Right, before I get into this…I haven’t watched this weeks NXT TV. Reads some news…Ah yes, I forgot that Bobby Fish had a knee injury. Ok, so the way that they are working this is that the finals of the Dusty Classic Tournament happened on Wednesday between Roderick Strong & Pete Dunne vs Authors of Pain. This ended in double disqualification and now the NXT Tag Team Championship is also the final for the Dusty Classic. But the issue is if Bobby is out with a injury, does that mean that Adam Cole will have to pull double-duty on the night? (He is in the NXT NA ladder match also)

Anyway, whatever way it is, I would like to see Undisputed Era retain the NXT tag team titles for a couple of reasons. 1) AoP are going to debut on the main roster…Let’s try not to hide it, it’s going to happen sooner rather than later. Roddy and Pete are not a great tag-team and it wouldn’t work that they would become NXT Tag Team Champions. So for now, ERA to retain.

NXT Championship 
   Andrade “Cien” Almas (C) VS Aleister Black

PREDICTION: Again, another contender for Match of the Night as we see Aleister Black in his first NXT Championship match and to be honest, I would love for him to actually win this title. It would be a great fit on him and he should have a great title reign, but on the other half, Andrade is growing on me. His heel work with Zelina Vega is really staring to warm me and it would be a shame if he was to lose the NXT Championship. I am torn between these two as it really could go either way, but either way this should be an enjoyable match all round. Aleister to win the championship. 


And that is my predictions for NXT TakeOver: New Orleans. I am really looking forward to this show and this is normally the show the steals the thunder of Wrestlemania (It has in the last 2 years anyway) and there is defiantly going to be talk about these matches in the years to come. Match of the night contender goes to Johnny vs Tommasso.

Also, quick note about the posts that I am doing. I am toying with the idea of these ‘tables’ with the information about the match so it is more readable. I will be improving them in the coming months but hopefully these are legible for NXT and Wrestlemania.

You can follow me on Twitter @PFWressling to catch my live reactions to NXT TakeOver: New Orleans and Wrestlemania 34.