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It’s all about me!

First and foremost, the blog post relating to my trip to NYC will be available in drips and drabs over the next week or two!

Before I left for NYC, I decided to make a big decision on the future of my gaming community Enigma (Formerly Nologam) and that was to shut it down.

I have attempting to build a gaming community over the last 9 years and to this day, I have not been successful. After staying up for multiple nights and working on it, I felt that me continuing something that I didn’t have a passion for was….a waste on my physical and mental health.

So I decided to stop. Then today, I decided to look at what sites I was running and make some changes which is manageable and don’t require an absurd amount of time to maintain. will be staying as my main blog and there is no plans to change that! is going to get a rebrand and will become – More news on that over on in the coming days/weeks.

As Enigma/Nologam has now been closed down, I have set up my own Discord server so people can keep in touch with me. If you wish to join, go to

I may create something new in the future, but for now:

“It’s all about me”


Separating Content

For the last few months, I have been part of a Facebook group that has nearly has 5,000 members and is dedicated to Irish Bloggers.

It’s called…. “Irish Bloggers” (Who would have thunk it???)

Anyway, as I have been lurking over there for the last while, one thing became clear to me… Having everything on one site is not going to improve my ‘exposure’ to people who may only be interested in gaming, who may only be interested in technology or to people who may be only interested in my Wrestling content.

So, I have taken the liberty in splitting out my technology, gaming and wrestling blogs into their own WordPress sites.

This site will be kept for personal topics, music and probably some coding stuff and (more than likely) you will see a cross over from the 4 sites (and a couple more) to here.


These sites are now dedicated sites, and to keep it simple, I have implemented only a handful of plugins and using a simple free theme (Magazine Plus (afaik)) and put up a basic ‘About me’ page.

I have 2 other sites (one which I am just a contributor on) and you may see content on it.

And ALSO, starting today, I will be cross-posting my content (I don’t know if it will be be from all sites mentioned above) to my Medium site, so you can go and check me out there and follow if you use that also!