Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker Announced

On a closed theatre set in Tokyo, FFXIV Director Naoki Yoshida, Lead Translator Michael Christopher Koji-Fox brings to us a “Final Fantasy XIV Announcement Showcase”

This was supposed to take place at the Final Fantasy Fan Festivals but due to the pandemic, this didn’t happen. An online-only Fan Fest will be taking place on May 15th & May 16th with more information about the upcoming expansion to the game.

The following are my notes from the event:


“What Angel Wakes Me” – Masayoshi Soken

This is the 4th song from Final Fantasy XIV that I have written. The other 3 can be viewed here.

At the start of Final Fantasy XIV’s 3rd expansion, ShadowBringers, it brought a truck load of new content including dungeons and trials.

One of the first trials that you encounter is at Level 73, Titania. Titania is not a name, but rather the title of “The King of Pixies” – The pixies are small fairies who fly around and play with their friends and enemies.

Did I say play? I mean, play tricks on them because they are evil little things!


Alternatives to “BigTech” services

Over the last week, some the major social media sites and services have banned the outgoing President of the United States, Donald Trump due to incitement of violence and hate speech.

With people deciding to leave Twitter, Facebook and other social services, some are turning to alternative sites and services.


Remove joe(.)ie “noscroll”

For a while now, every time that I got to a joe (.) ie article, (A site I don’t particularly like), they have a “noscroll filter” which prevents you from scrolling.

This is more than likely due to the adblocking and tracking being disabled by default on the site. (Thanks Vivaldi)

So, I created this little script for Stylish or Stylus

Create a new style and paste the following in:

/* ==UserStyle==
@name  StopNoScroll - 1/9/2021, 1:47:23 AM
@version        1.0.0
@description    Get around the noScroll on Joe and scroll once more
@author         Crakila
==/UserStyle== */
@-moz-document domain("") {
    @media (min-width: 767px) {
        .noscroll {
            overflow: unset;

(I will try to get the code up on GitHub tomorrow when I get my environment sorted)

(Photo by Antonio Manaligod on Unsplash)


Dress Down – Kaoru Akimoto

In March of 1986, Akimoto released her one and only album Cologne under the Victor record label but went under the radar when it was initially released.


Fortress of Lies & End of the Unknown- Keiichi Okabe

Another Nier: Automata related tune featured in the new 24-man Alliance Raid in Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers titles: “The Puppets Bunker” which was released as part of Patch 5.3: Reflections in Crystal.

During the first ‘trash’ pull and the in-between areas of the raid, you hear Okabe’s calming tune of when you are in the Bunker in Nier: Automata.


The Reach of Darkness – Masayoshi Soken

Staying with Final Fantasy XIV and back in 2015, which was about a year and a half after the game re-launched, Square Enix launched the final major patch for the A Realm Reborn expansion titled Before The Fall.


Weight of the World (Prelude Version) – Keiichi Okabe

I am a huge fan of Final Fantasy XIV and it’s music. It’s main composer Masayoshi Soken has created some fantastic music in the last 6 years of the game’s existence and he knocks it out of the park each and every expansion.

At the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival in Paris (which I attended), it was announced that the dev team had collaborated with another Square-Enix developer, PlatinumGames, to bring a new 24-man raid with a crossover between Final Fantasy XIV and Nier: Automata titled YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse.


Rick Takeuchi – Never Gonna Give You Plastic Love

In my previous post, I wrote about listening to a new genre of music, Future Funk for the last couple of years. There has been a sub-genre of Future Funk though which has had a resurgence in the last 10 years, known as City pop.

City pop is a loosely defined subset of pop music that originated in Japan in the late 1970s.

Since the 2010s, city pop has gained an international online following as well as becoming a touchstone for the sample-based microgenres known as vaporwave and future funk.


One of the more popular songs that defines the genre is Mariya Takeuchi’s – Plastic Love.

Mariya is a Japanese singer and songwriter who has been performing since 1978. Her latest studio album, Trad, released in 2014 reaching Number 1 in the Japanese Music Charts.

The 65-year-old recently re-released one of her singles, Inochi No Uta (Song of Life) with a DVD of her live performance of the song.

Plastic Love was originally released back in 1984 which was on her 6th album, VARIETY.


RIP Patrick Fahy. 1960 – 2019

Last Thursday, I lost my father to Stage IV Lung Cancer after a short battle.