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My “go-to” main game is Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker.

About me in FFXIV: I am currently a Viera Dancer for the Free Company “Archadian Moogles”. I main Dancer, but enjoy playing Bard, Monk and Dragoon.

From time to time, I play other games (Most of which would be on Steam) and I tend to not stray too far from the MMORPG genre.

If you wish to add me in game for another game, you can probably find me with the name Crakila - If you do add me, please state that you found this page! Thank you!

World of Warcraft (Not playing anymore):

New World

  • Crakila - Barri - EU Central
  • ShotziBlackheart - Barri - EU Central

Updated: 11th May 2023