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"Codename Lungo" to "Avatar ROM"

Apr 2, 2013

(OH shi-, a technology related post)

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to jump ship from the Cyanogenmod 9 install on my Samsung  Galaxy S II to try out Jelly Bean. I looked around XDA-Developers looking for a decent ROM that I could install and try out.

I found one called “Codename Lungo” and for the most part, I enjoyed it. It was a plain Jelly Bean install and there wasn’t anything fancy about it, that is what I was looking for. So, I spent the best part of a afternoon installing all the apps that I had previously used on the CM9 install. After about a hour or grabbing apps and configuring them, I noticed something strange.

“System Storage Space running low..”

WHAT?! This fresh install of Codename Lungo that I just installed, says that my phone memory is running low. But the thing is, I wiped the ENTIRE phone before installing Codename Lungo.

I thought at first it was just a fluke, so I turned the phone off and on again and yet it still happened. Then over the next few days and up to last Saturday, I couldn’t get any emails on my phone and i couldn’t update any apps….it just wasn’t happening.

So, where am I going now? Well, I am downloading Avatar ROM from XDA-Developers and I am going to do ANOTHER full complete wipe and I will make sure that the only thing that is on my device before I install is the ROM and the Gapps .zip that I need to install.

I will probably make another post with the results that I find either later today or later this week.

What ROM are you running on your device? A custom or a Stock ROM? If you are running a custom ROM, which one is it and link to it in the comments.

**UPDATE: **I have installed Avatar ROM and have downloaded all the apps that I needed and I am only using 589MB~ out of the 2GB. So there WAS a problem with Codename Lungo all along. Ah well, at least I can use my phone again the way it should be. 😀

Padraig Fahy

A tech support guy by day and a gamer by night!

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