About Me

About Me
Photo by Thom Holmes / Unsplash

Hi everyone, I'm Padraig Fahy.

  • 32 years old
  • He/They Pronouns
  • LGBTQ+ Supporter 🌈
  • Gamer

I have been online since 2005 and posting random guff about games, tech, web, wrestling and more since then.

By day, I work in Technical Support, but by night, you would find me online playing video games such as Final Fantasy XIV Online.

I run a small set of websites where there are no ads, and are mostly for personal projects:

I am not a programmer, nor a web developer. I know HTML and some CSS and currently looking to learn other languages such as Python and JavaScript.

This site runs on Ghost via Docker on Plesk.

I can be found across the internet on various social media sites. If you wish to follow me, please do so!

Created: 21st August 2012
Updated: 4th June 2024