I am an Only Child.

This evening, I read a post on The Daily Edge titled:  “Are you an only child? You’ll understand these problems

I am an only child. Some people think that I get spoiled and that ‘I have it good’. Well, it’s not.

Back in 2008, I suffered from Despression for a long time. I blanketed a smile on me everytime I spoke to my parents and I couldn’t even talk to my friends….I…was…disconnected from everything in my life.

I literally had no one to talk to…and I took it out on people on the the internet and, it was scary.

All I wanted was to talk to someone…Someone who knows me deep down….But there was no one there…No brother…No sister. Nothing.

Most people enjoyed school…I didn’t…Not because of the work…but because of my behavioral issues. I was a devil. It carried with me between Primary School and Secondary School.

I was suspended for allegedly calling my teacher a “Cow” (Which I didn’t…Someone set me up)…That didn’t turn out good….My parents didn’t believe me…So, I got into trouble for that.

Then I had my problems up to 3rd year in Secondary School where it just got out of hand…I was getting into fights everyday for no reason.

I wish I could have talked to a brother/sister who would know how I felt and still love me as a brother…

In 5th year, I changed. From being a stroppy kid that always got into fights into a depressed teen…I was too depressed to fight…

Since I have left school and done my couple of years of college and what have ya, I have become a quiet person that just keep myself to myself, but I do wish there was a brother/sister that would sit down with me and talk to me.

(I know what you are going to say “You have your parents”, Yes, this is true…But I am looking at this from a Point of View of solely not having a brother or a sister)

When I go to my friends house, His brother is there…He has got someone to talk to (Besides his parents), but me…no… I don’t have that opportunity.

People may think it’s all good….It’s not. It’s far from it..and it still affects me in some cases to this day.