Links of the Day (29/06/2017)

Jun 30, 2017

About 4 years ago, I started a small series on this blog known as “Links of the Week” where I take a handful of links that I found interesting and list it all on one page.

For the next week or so, I am going to attempt to do this daily.
The aim of this project is for me to read more which I have been doing a lot more of in the last few months:

NB: NONE of these are sponsored, endorsed etc. What you see on those pages is not my problem.

Header Image – Broadsheet

The bloke behind Star Fox is building a blockchain based casino. No, really – The Register

Rick and Morty lick, lick, lick some balls in Rocket League DLC – Destructoid

Sony to restart vinyl record production after three-decade hiatus – Japan Today

Otaku shopping spree: How would you spend $5,000 in Akihabara? – Rocket News 24

Tokyo cafe’s rainbow cheesecake is only the beginning of its crazily awesome dessert lineup – Rocket News 24

French general accused of using fighter jet for weekend commutes to Provence – Sky News

[【video】/](Incredible Final Fantasy XIV building-projection in Yokohama will make your jaw drop 【Video】) – Rocket News 24

WORLD EXCLUSIVE first #Jumanji trailer.

Padraig Fahy

A tech support guy by day and a gamer by night!

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