Login Looping Xubuntu 15.10

Since last night, I have had a issue where I couldn’t boot into my Linux laptop which was running Xubuntu 15.10 due to a login loop where it was stuck as “[  OK  ] Started ACPI Event Daemon”

I eventually found the fix which did resolve the issue for me.

  1. Make sure /var/lib/lightdm has been created. 1. Also, make sure that is owned by lightdm:lightdm and have CHMOD 0750 permissions.
  2. At ~/ , do a ls -lah and check both .Xauthority and .ICEauthority and make sure they are owned by you. eg. chown padraig:padraig
  3. Throw a sudo reboot at it and then you should be able to boot into your Xubuntu system.

This fix could (And would) probably work for other *buntu distros (Or even Debian distros in some cases)

I hope this helps someone!

(PS. I have to get code tags or something if I am going to be posting tutorials like this 😛 )