Nologam eSports (AKA, NGM eSports)

Jan 14, 2016

Over the past couple of years, I have started to get more and more interested in eSports and while I haven’t spoken much about it, I have watched streams and followed a couple of websites about eSports (CS:GO primarily)

Last June, we had started a small CS:GO team that was just affiliated with us, they won a couple of games and quietly disbanded and nothing more was said.

While they were playing their couple of games, we were getting a site ready for team news and that, but obviously it was not finished.

So, now, we are going to go back to the drawing board and make Nologam eSports a thing, but not in the same capacity.

We are going to have eSports news for League and probably CS initially but expanding later on.

This is just a rough idea that I am putting down on the table and hopefully I can follow through with this plan coming into the summer of 2016 🙂

Padraig Fahy

A tech support guy by day and a gamer by night!

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