This update is just to make the site A) Secure and B) Look better in the URL.

  1. I have fixed the issue with the URL coming back as where the 2368 was the port that Ghost use. A simple change in the config.js resolves that.

  2. Let’s Encrypt SSL has been installed. Bit of a tricky one to get this working. I had to change the Proxy port for Nginx from 2368 to 80. Disable Ghost, restart nginx, run Let’s Encrypt to install the cert, change the config back and then start Ghost.

I might do a proper tutorial for that where time permits. If you would like me to get it done sooner, poke me on Twitter and I’ll do it. Twitter

No other updates are planned for the site as it is ok the way it is. Might change up the theme or something in the next version but we shall see 🙂