Protect & secure your Instagram account!

Protect & secure your Instagram account!

Over the last few days, I have come across friends’ Instagram accounts being compromised.

I would know that they are compromised when there is multiple advertisements being added for the same brands/items eg. Ray Ban’s, Adidas etc.

Here is a couple of tips on how to protect your Instagram account.

  1. Have a strong password. Do not use the same password that you would use for another site/app. Consider using a Password Manager like LastPass, 1Password or KeePassX to generate and store your passwords.
  2. Use 2-factor Authentication. This is the one thing that will definatly protect your account. It can be found under Settings >> Two-Factor Authentication. It will send you a code every time that you log into Instagram from a new device.

With those couple of simple steps, you should be able to keep your account(s) secured.