Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker Announced

On a closed theatre set in Tokyo, FFXIV Director Naoki Yoshida, Lead Translator Michael Christopher Koji-Fox brings to us a “Final Fantasy XIV Announcement Showcase”

This was supposed to take place at the Final Fantasy Fan Festivals but due to the pandemic, this didn’t happen. An online-only Fan Fest will be taking place on May 15th & May 16th with more information about the upcoming expansion to the game.

The following are my notes from the event:


“What Angel Wakes Me” – Masayoshi Soken

This is the 4th song from Final Fantasy XIV that I have written. The other 3 can be viewed here.

At the start of Final Fantasy XIV’s 3rd expansion, ShadowBringers, it brought a truck load of new content including dungeons and trials.

One of the first trials that you encounter is at Level 73, Titania. Titania is not a name, but rather the title of “The King of Pixies” – The pixies are small fairies who fly around and play with their friends and enemies.

Did I say play? I mean, play tricks on them because they are evil little things!