The Big DSO of 2012

This Wednesday in Ireland shall be the end of the classic analog TV signals being transmitted to houses across the country.

Since 1959, We have been receiving analog signal from the RTE transmitters! 53 years later, it will cease to exist!

From Wednesday 24th October, everyone will be watching RTE and BBC Northern Ireland via digital, whether that would be through Satelitte, or OTA Digital.

It’s crazy to think how fast we have come in technology, not just computers and mobile phones, but older technologies like cars and televisions.

We hope that from Wednesday, this would be the start of the “digital-generation”. Some people may say that we are already in the “digital-generation” because of media that has already been phased out, such as music, newspapers, books and even video games.

But the “digital-generation” is not just -media-. It’s also the way that we live now. TV’s have gone digital, not just digital transmissions but, smart TV’s, smart cars and more.

In about 10 years, I could see the word “analog” not even being used in in anything anymore!