A look at the old and new Google+

Today, Google rolled out a new look Google+ after the announcement at Google I/O 2013.

I managed to get a screenshot of the old and the new one (The old one was taken on the computer, while the new one was taken on the laptop.)


old googleplus


new googleplus

**My monitor is a big monitor, and I just seen this. This looks like Facebook theatre mode but a lot nicer. On a smaller browser size (1366×768), the comment box goes back to the bottom. This was a nice change. Also, that nav bar at the top is very nice.

new googleplus large image

I for one love the new layout of Google+ and I will be using it more in the coming days, weeks and months to come.

If you haven’t ‘circled’ me on Google+, head on over to my Google+ page now 🙂