A Tale from Tech Support (from Reddit)

Scrolling through Reddit and certain sub-reddits turn up some gold. Here is one posted by /u/nabbitnabbitnabbit on Reddit.

Long time listener, first time caller.
I have been in this IT Support business for about 20 years. Through this time, I've been privileged to support some very intelligent people and a gaggle of idiots.
I'll tell this tale and you can decide where this user fits in.
I got a broken laptop into my office, which is no new thing. It won't power on.
$User: My laptop suddenly stopped working!
$Me: What were you doing when the laptop died?
$User: I was working on some research.
$Me: Was there a power surge? Did you spill anything in your laptop?
$User: No, I didn't do anything.
So I got out my trusty screwdriver set and opened this bad boy. Coffee poured out.
$Me: Uh, you said you didn't spill anything on your laptop.
$User: indignantly Well, I didn't spill anything!
$Me: ...but there is coffee pouring out of this laptop.
$User: Oh, my wife spilled that. Does it make any difference? I didn't spill the coffee, so the laptop should still work.
$Me: Yes. Anything spilled in your laptop can make it stop working, no matter who did it.
$User: Oh. Even if I didn't spill it?
$Me: Uhhhhhhh.
Still, I recovered his data and sent his laptop to the big IEEE electronics recycler in the sky.

Use yer brain ffs!