An Open Letter to Game Developers who develop for Xbox, Playstation and PC.

Everyday technology changes. New products are being made and current products are being improved. New phones, new tablets, new computers and even new game consoles.

With that, comes innovation. But it has seemed that over the past year of so…innovation in video games is…non-existent.

With the arrival of the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One. It would seem that the gaming industry is taking 1 step forward and about 2 steps back on everything.

With all the technology that is available to them…why is one of the most powerful gaming systems (the PC) being held back by new consoles. Yes, that is right. PC gaming is being held back because of consoles.

In this day and age, people expect games to be running at the very least 1080p with a damn good framerate… While you try to develop games that work on those consoles, you then simply port the game over to PC…change a file and ship it to Steam and still charge full money for it…when it doesn’t even work, low framerate etc.

This should not be happening. You should be basing your multiple platform games on the PC version and then port to the consoles…not the other way round!

2 recent games have been a victim to this…Call of Duty: Ghosts and Need for Speed: Rivals.

Those games can’t run for goddamn shit on PC’s because game developers are being lazy and not looking after the PC ports when they promise us that the PC version is going to be good (Right, Infinity Ward?). You are basing your “next-gen” titles on outdated system!

Why should PC gamers have sacrificed, butchered, molested ports of console games?

Just because you can’t get Call of Duty: Ghosts running at 1080p@60fps running on the Xbox One (Which is a laugh to begin with), doesn’t mean that the PC games should be shafted for it. WTF guys?

A lot of people are wising up that PC is a better platform for gaming in every sense. I really wonder WHY people are buying consoles when they know full on well, that they are outdated PC’s from 2008. THESE NEXT GEN CONSOLES SHOULD BE BEATING PC’S!

TL;DR – Develop for PC and then port to consoles for crying out loud!