Changing my Digital Mindset going into 2023.

Changing my Digital Mindset going into 2023.
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The last couple of months within the social media industry has been wild, to say the least.

Whether it's Elon Musk buying Twitter for $44 billion and subsequently changing the platform, or people signing up for Federated services like Mastodon/Pixelfed/PeerTube, there has been a sense of bringing the internet back to how it should be.

Once the mainstream (non-techie) audience figured out that the likes of Mastodon are: 'Just like email... It doesn't matter what provider they are with, they can communicate.', things have been looking more positive in terms of growth.

We have become sensitised to a 'walled garden' approach for over 15 years. Whether that is Facebook, Twitter, or even going back as far as Bebo. These are/were walled gardens that you could not have communicated with others on other platforms.

The rise and adoption of AcitvityPub have been a positive for the internet!

While Mastodon has been going since 2016, it has slowly been gaining traction. Ever since the rumblings of Elon buying Twitter were heard earlier this year, some people decided to jump to Mastodon. While some stayed, many went back to Twitter.

When the deal was done on October 28th 2022, that is the day that Mastodon really took off. It exploded in popularity bringing servers to their knees. Many instances were locking themselves down to contain the onslaught of sign-ups. Even within the first couple of weeks experienced some hardships but with the generous community, we were able to come together to make a new home for Irish Twitter.

This got me thinking. I want to embrace Federated services like Mastodon/Pixelfed going forward. I want to help make the Fediverse increase in popularity. And the best way to do that is to use it as much as I can and utilise it for my blog, websites and other content.

Therefore, in 2023,  I have decided on the following:

  • Using Mastodon as my 'replacement' for Twitter posts.

    • Let's be real here, we all know for the majority of people, Mastodon is not going to be the replacement for Twitter and that is something that I never want Mastodon to be. I see Mastodon (and other microblogging services) as an 'Alternative' to Twitter.
    • And the simple reason for that is there are journalists, companies and celebrities that either will not come over or will never be introduced to it. I, personally, am not going to completely abandon Twitter or close my account. I will be keeping it, and using it to browse content but I will not be tweeting as much if at all.
  • Use Pixelfed as much as Instagram.

    • I have not given Pixelfed a proper chance as a solution as I would post most of my content on Instagram. I am going to be making an effort in 2023 to post more on the platform. Whether that will be random food pics, drink, or whatever.
  • Learn more, deploy or sign up for new services that use the Fediverse.

    • This one is simple, I will be signing up and trying out new things this year. Some may stick, and some may not. But hopefully this time next year, I will be able to talk about products/services that have either come onto the scene or improved their existing products/services and hopefully be able to recommend them as an alternative to existing services.

And I want to make something clear, while my focus will be on this new adventure, I want everyone to understand that everything is an alternative. That is what they should be treated as. Not replacements.

Since Ghost (the platform that I am using for this blog) currently doesn't have ActivityPub support, I will be spinning up a WordPress blog with an ActivityPub plugin and will be cross-posting my posts there. You can follow or searching for

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