Computer Issues (12th April 2013)

UPDATE: I have fixed the issue. I have reinstalled Windows 8. I am going to bed now.

Good evening folks. I hope you are keeping well.

I am having computer issues this evening! My USB’s are refusing to work in Windows 8!

(Just saying this now, don’t bash Windows 8 because of ‘Metro’,’ Modern UI’ or similar. I am not here to hear your bitching about it. I am here looking for help and nothing more. I am not being a fanboy here, but if I see comments which is not related to helping me, they will be removed!)

When I boot my computer, I get presented with grub (Linux bootloader) because I have both Windows 8 and Linux Mint 14 installed. I doubt it is Linux that is causing this issue, because I have hardly been using Linux since I installed it (To be honest, I haven’t found the time to be using it.)

Anyway, I have set by default to boot to Windows 8 and that is all grand and dandy!

The Windows 8 lock screen appears. I press the Space Bar on my keyboard to ‘swipe’ the lock screen away so I can enter my password. Nope. Won’t do that! Mouse? Nope!

I check the lights on the Razer BlackWidow Keyboard (No hating please) and the light is on to detect that the keyboard is working. NOTE: I could use my keyboard in the grub menu to change from Windows to Linux Mint. And I am currently writing this post in Linux Mint, so obviously there is nothing wrong with the keyboard or mouse.

I have disconnected all the USB’s from the back of the computer and put them all back in, with the same results.

I thought, “How about Remote Desktop?” Nope! I use a USB Wireless Dongle to connect to the internet and I also have PCI Wireless card but I can’t choose that card, since I can only have one card selected at a time.

I can’t do System Restore because Windows wants me to reboot into Windows 8 to do it!

PS2 Keyboard = Nope

AAGH! I honestly have no idea how to get around it. If anyone has any ideas or methods that I could try to rectify this situation, then please comment below.

Thank you 🙂