ESEA in Europe!

The E-Sports Entertainment Association (ESEA) recently came into effect here in Europe…But what is it all about!?

Do you play Counter-Strike 1.6, Source or Global Offensive?! Do you want to become a professional in video games? Well, you might be disappointed if you are living in European countries that is not Sweden or Germany!

Because there is only 11 servers (As of today) available and only located in the countries mentioned above.

Oh, that’s alright then……No wait, you have to pay to get on the servers (Seems a bit cheap if you ask me). It’s about €6 per month for the service just to get into the servers (And that does North America as well, but the pings wouldn’t be great to play)

Great, you payed €6 for the service and now let’s play

![]( “Oh…”)Oh…

Yeahhhhhhhh, not that many people play huh, 1 full and the rest are pretty much empty. Not good ESEA. Not good. Hopefully they will give the Europeans some free Premium time to test out the servers and hopefully by this time next year, the service would be booming, but for now, Stay away from this!

(Sorry ESEA, I want to love you all, but you need to give us a incentive in order to use your service)