Facebook's 'Page Transparency' & How to know when to spot fake pages!

Facebook's 'Page Transparency' & How to know when to spot fake pages!

Back in April of this year, to combat ‘Fake News’, Facebook introduced a new feature on all pages called “Page Transparency”.
It allows everyone who vists the page the ability to see various metadata.

Facebook’s “Page Transparency” box on Padraig Fahy Support

Information like:

  • Page Creation date
  • How many times the page name changes
  • If the page has any advertisements running.

Recently, a Facebook page was doing the rounds claiming to be “Currys PC World”, an British & Irish electronics retailer.
The page garnered a whopping 18,000 Likes within 24 hours of its creation.

Fake “Currys PC World” Facebook page with the “Page Transparency” box highlighted showing creation date!

The page only ever had 1 post which claimed that they had 9 TV’s that had very minor damage and that they were going to be given away!
This should have been a red flag for everyone, but over 19,000 people had commented on the post, 25,000+ shared and 11,000 Likes.

The page has since been removed by Facebook as is indeed a scam.

So how do you protect yourself?
It’s takes 30 seconds to see whether you are on a fake page!

  • Check the “Page Transparency” box on the right side-bar and check whether the page was recently created.
  • Check whether the page has a blue tick beside its name. (A blue tick beside a page name means that is a verified page by Facebook… See Below!)
  • Report the page! Click on the … beside the “Like” button and click on ‘Find support or report page’
  • Post on your own timeline informing others that the page that is being Shared is fake!
Currys PC World’s official Facebook page. You can see it is the real one because it has a “Verified” tick beside their name!