FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn Beta Phase 3 - Weekend 3 Pics [Gallery]

*Disclaimer: As part of the NDA Agreement with Square-Enix, I am only allowed to share screenshots of the game and nothing more. I am allowed to talk about the game but I am not allowed to share audio or video footage of the game. *

I logged into the game this morning to get a few screenshots for a few friends who are into Final Fantasy games but not the MMO’s and while I was taking the screenshots, someone else wanted to do a big group photo outside the Aetheryne (sp?) (It’s a massive blue crystal that is used for teleporting around the world.)

Also, please excuse the naked picture. The guy that was organising the group photo wanted everyone naked for some reason.

[![ffxiv_20130630_093417](×576.png)]( was my character (Crakila Fors’ee) as a GLD (Gladiator) standing in Ul’dah. What a chap
[![ffxiv_20130629_221937](×576.png)]( was in party for a dungeon which was part of a story mission. Took about 20-25mins to do after 1 wipe. And yes, it was a 4-man dungeon which is new. (Most other MMO’s have 5+ man dungeons).
This screenshot was taken after the 4 of us defeated the final boss in the dungeon.
[![ffxiv_20130630_093620](×576.png)]( ‘Character’ screen. You can see a lot of information here regarding your character. Such as your stats, weapons, gear and a bonus attribute point that I forgot to assign T_T. You can also have gear sets, so you can instantly switch jobs and change gear with a click of a button.
[![ffxiv_20130630_093643](×576.png)]( was the hunting log. This is very similar to the Bestiary in the Clan Primer that featured in Final Fantasy XII. In XII, you would have to kill ‘x’ number of the same enemy to get additional information. In XIV, you will get XP and when you complete a category of enemies, you will get additional XP. There is a seperate hunting log for each job.
[![ffxiv_20130630_095044](×576.png)]( as a THM (Thaumaturge).
[![ffxiv_20130630_095104](×576.png)]( as a GLD (Gladiator)
[![ffxiv_20130630_095700](×576.png)]( group photo (Excuse the naked people)
[![ffxiv_20130630_095746](×576.png)]( this is with the HUD on. Yeah…Lots of names.
[![ffxiv_20130630_095756](×576.png)]( was caught as I was activating my ‘Flash’ spell which pulls aggro from enemies. (Yes, I am a tank)

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