Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival 2021 - Around the World - Opening Keynote

Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival 2021 - Around the World - Opening Keynote

Naoki Yoshida, Director and Producer of Final Fantasy XIV, took to stage in a closed location and revealed information regarding the new Final Fantasy XIV expansion, Endwalker.

  • Opening with Trailer
  • Scythes confirmed!
    • Fall 2021 release

  • Yoshida is dressed as the new job wielding a Scythe

New Jobs

  • Zenos has changed jobs to the new job
  • New Job: Reaper
  • New Job original to FFXIV

  • Showing a trailer demonstrating job abilities

About Reaper

  • Role: Melee DPS
  • Shares gear with DRG
  • Weapon: Scythe (Two-handed)
  • No required class
  • Must have Endwalker and have 1 job at Level 70.
  • Starting: Level 70


  • Welds a scythe for dynamic close-quarter combat
  • Calls upon an avatar from the void to join the battle
  • Can serve as a host for their avatar
  • Job Quests are planned to start in Ul'dah
    • More information about Reaper RPR(?) at a later date


  • The story will wrap up in Patch 6.0
  • There is a LOT of content in Patch 6.0
  • 6.1 will start a brand new story

  • We will be going to the Moon... but before that, we will be going to Old Sharlayan
    • This will serve as the 'Hub city' simialar Crystarium, Idyllshire, Rhalgr's Reach.
    • They show a trailer of Old Sharlayan

  • This city has VERY important since the early days of Final Fantasy XIV developement
  • There was supposed to be 6 starting cities in FFXIV 1.0 - (The other 3 were Ishgard, Ala Mhigo and Sharlayan)
  • This was cut to 3 and the ARR rebuild retained this.
  • Very important to the story.

Main theme for Endwalker

  • About 3 to 4 days to come up with the lyrics for the Endwalker theme.

  • Sophia theme (Containment Bay P1T6) was created in 2 hours.

  • Amanda Achen also sang the 'Tomorrow & Tomorrow' song

  • The main vocals were by Sam Carter from Architects

  • Song contains elements from the Stormblood theme and the Heavensward theme

  • The trailer is already available on YouTube.

Characters from the trailer


  • He will appear in the Main Story and can be used as a Trust in dunegons.


Name Unknown

  • Very important role in the Endwalker story
  • You will find out more about him in Patch 5.5 - Death Until Dawn - Part 2
    • Readers of the Encycolopedia Eorzea books may know who he knows.

Massive New Areas

  • Same amount of areas being added as previous expansions

  • Shows trailer


  • It's an underground area with a domain lit by an artifical light.
  • Why you need to go there will be uncovered in the expansion.

Thavnair area & Radz-at-Han city

  • Shows trailer of Thavnair
  • Very colourful
  • Showing trailer of Radz-at-Han city
  • The sky may not be blue in-game
  • New area - No information about it at this time


The Moon - Mare Lamentorum

  • Will not say how you will get to the Moon.
  • Music is very simialar to The Tempest
  • Air and gravity present (This will be explained in the story)
  • Mare Lamentorum is just one area of The Moon, not the entire Moon itself.
  • Find out more when Endwalker is released.

New Encounetrs

The Magus Sisters


  • You will find Loporrits on The Moon

Also Coming in Version 6.0

(Most of this info was announced at the Announcement Showcase )

  • New Healer: Sage
  • A Higher Level Cap - Level 80 -> 90
  • 5 New Role Questlines
  • Trust System Update
  • Downscaled Values in Battle Calculations
  • No More Belts
  • New Small-scale PvP Mode
  • New Raid - Pandæmonium
  • Island Sanctuary (Mostly solo content and will be updated throughout 6.x)
    • Not locked to DoH/DoL
  • New Residental District: Ishgard
  • Viewing only in 6.0
  • Plots available in 6.1
    • Making adjustments to housing to prevent 'house cheaters' and RMT
    • Investing in new servers for the housing.
    • Looking into a 'Lot System'
  • Data Center Travel System
    • Releasing before 6.0 Patch
  • Challenging New Dungeons
    • Video showing new dungeons - No names or anything
  • New Alliance Raid

  • Name: Myths of the Realm

  • New original story to FFXIV. No cross-over.

  • Collectors Edition

  • In-game items
  • Arion mount

  • No discs included

  • 85% of players bought a digital version of FFXIV: Shadowbringers hence the decision to switch to digital only

  • FFXIV Endwalker: Collectors Edition for PC / Mac Only [This includes the game]

  • FFXIV Endwalker: Collectors Box for PS4/PS5/Steam Only [This does not contain the game]

  • FFXIV Endwalker: Digital Collectors Edition for all platforms.

  • FFXIV Endwalker: Standard Edition for all platforms.

  • Pre-order Bonuses - "Wind-up Palon Minion" & "Menphina Earring"

  • EXP earring like ShB

  • Pre-order also grants "Early Access"

The release date:

November 23rd 2021!

  • (Approx 6 months from 5.5 release which is at the end of the month.)~

One more thing

  • Male Viera
  • Lore about Male Viera will come at a later time!

  • Female Hrothgar

    • "It's coming, but not right now"
  • One more announcement

  • Players from over 200 countries

  • NEW Oceania Data Center

    • "Multi-million investment"
    • Opens in 6.1

November 23rd 2021 - On Sale

November 19th 2021 - Early Access


Mr Square-Enix CEO (Yosuka Matsuda) is on stage.

  • He thanks the player for the last 10 yars of Support of FFXIV