Future of Nologam

This is my personal thoughts and not what everyone at Nologam is saying.
I do not want to put words into other peeps mouths.

Nologam was established late 2013 but didn’t get off the ground per say until March of 2014, when the JC2MP was established and when we were getting players.

We got a lot of players…most of which is now gone but a good few have stayed about and Nologam would only been known as the JC2MP community server and nothing more.

For over a year and a half, the JC2MP has been managed by DaAlpha and I am thankful for everything that he has done with the server.

We have had meetings in the past where we needed to decide what is happening with Nologam after JC2MP, because let’s face it…nothing lasts forever.

I was hoping that the server would die before the community did…But it seems to be the opposite.

The community (That was comprised of only staff members) has…gone.

We put a Minecraft, Tf2, CSGO (at the time), ARK and Battlefield 4 server
Not a thing.
No one was fucking interested.

I organised a community event where we could get on the Battlefield 4 Server today (Saturday 28th May).

How many people turned up? NONE

I even sent a newsletter to 222 people, 7 of which bounced back so they were received by the other 215 people.

A POTENTIAL of 215 and I was the only one on the server.
I even streamed it.
I felt like a fucking joke.

I couldn’t even talk to my friend with embarrassment.

Then, it hit me
Why am I still pouring money into something that is not working.
I am trying to have a variety of games.
Hell, I tried the whole MMO thing at the beginning of V3 and not one person was interested.

I tried to put up news. Nothing.
Nothing that I was doing was working.

Wasting time and money.
No one was interested.

I feel like a joke.
I don’t want to do this any more.

I honestly don’t.

I feel like closing the ARK, BF4…get rid of the forums and
only have the TS server, the JC2MP, Minecraft server and let people talk in the Discord.

That is probably what I will end up doing…otherwise, I am just wasting time and money.