Gaming News for Wednesday 29th May 2024

Gaming News for Wednesday 29th May 2024
  • Remedy Games (Alan Wake, Control, Quantum Break) have re-branded their social media profiles to 'Poison Pill Entertainment' to tease the upcoming Alan Wake 2 DLC.
  • Sony will hold a PlayStation State of Play this Thursday at 11pm Ireland Time
  • Activision have been granted default judgement in its course case against cheating provide EngineOwning. They owe Activision $14.45 Million in damages and $292,900 in legal fees. And the EngineOwning domain must be transferred to Activision.
  • Sony have removed the interview with Naughty Dog's Neil Druckmann with the following statement:
In re-reviewing our recent interview with Naughty Dog's Neil Druckmann, we have found several significant errors and inaccuracies that don't represent his perspective and values (including topics such as animation, writing, technology, AI and future projects). We apologize to Neil for misrepresenting his words and for any negative impact this interview might have caused him and his team. In coordination with Naughty Dog and SIE, we have removed the internet.
  • Valve have confirmed that once you die, your Steam account cannot be transferred to someone else.
  • It Takes Two has been updated to remove EA's launcher, to allow Steam Friends and the game can now be played on the Steam Deck.
  • Sony in Korea have certified a PC adaptor for the PlayStation VR2. No information as to when the adapter is being released.
  • Intercept (Kerbal Space Program 2) developer has revealed that the team will be laid off on June 28th.
  • Star Citizen still doesn't have a release date, but has raised over $700m with $3 million being raised from the free play period that was held last week.
  • CD Projekt Red have announced that development of Cyberpunk 2077 is has wound down after 3 and a half years. At the end of February, 17 people were working on CP2077, as of April 30th, that number is 0. The bulk of the developers from CP2077 have moved onto developement of the new Witcher game titled Poloris
  • Steam is working on clip recording. It supports background recording, including timeline markers in supported games for various events. Clips can be shared similart to screenshots, via the Steam community. (pictured)