I have a Just Cause 2 Server

So a few days ago, A group of guys released a Multiplayer Mod for the game Just Cause 2 by Square-Enix and with that, they also released dedicated server files for it.

So, I put the files on my server to see how it would go. Let’s just say…It has been a success!


I started by putting some mods that people were using on other servers such as FreeRoam and Boost (which is kinda essential if you want to have a good server).

So, with tweaking and playing around with different mods and help from a good friend Pricetx, Gamers and Geeks has become a fairly popular server. I started out with 50 slots thinking that no one would ever come on the server and as of today, I have increased those slots to 100 in hopes that everyone can play.

The only problem that I am going to face sooner rather than later is usage, we are trying to push a lot of content and stuff on a Atom N2800 processor which is asking a lot from the server to produce, but I am confident that we will be able to work around it and hopefully have a smooth running server!

Do you have Just Cause 2 and would like to join our server, click here moogle.gamersandgeeks.net and you will instantly join the server.