Life Update - 27th March 2014

Hey everyone. It has been a while since I done a Life Update blog post.

The past while has been up and down for me. I don’t know where to start, so I will start about my job hunting and how that is going.

And it’s not going so well. I have been unemployed since June and I haven’t got anything. I have applied and even attended interviews, but nothing has come up. I am awaiting a email about a potential JobBridge.

I attended a “Group Engagement Session” last Tuesday (18th) where I spent about 30 mins listening to a woman talk about the different services that were available. At the end, I was given a time and a date to see a Mediator. I attended said Mediator on Monday and found out that what I am doing is great and that my CV was well done. I am happy that there is people out there that is genuinely helping people get back to work. I do appreciate it.

Outside of the job stuff, I am noticing that I am becoming quite detached from friends and it sucks. Knowing that my friends are working or in college away from Monaghan and that I am stuck here without a job or a college course makes me very sad.

Some days, I feel like that I will never get a job and will probably never move out of Monaghan.

I really want to learn to drive, but I haven’t bothered to learn any theory. I need to get back into it. Because the longer I DON’T have a car to get around…the longer I am going to be stuck here and thus decreasing my chances of getting a job.

And on top of that…I am gaining weight again, which is something that I have been trying NOT to do. I need to eat less now…Getting this massive portions is something that I have told my mum and dad not to do, but they insist in giving me large portions “Because it uses them up”.

Now onto more fun things, the servers, the sites etc.

As you all know the whole servers, websites thing is just a massive hobby that I love. I love having my own Linux servers and running my sites (such as nologam).

“Lightning” (My Powerful Debian Server) – Is doing pretty damn well. A Just Cause 2 Multiplayer server, a Garry Mod server (Which belongs to my friend), a Team Fortress 2 Server (Which belongs to the group GMD) and the newly created Minecraft server. Even though the machine has 4GB of RAM, it can still pack a punch even with a good amount of players on them.

“Chocobo” (My Web Server) – is doing better than ever. It is only used as the web server for all the site that I host and manage.,, and is all hosted here on nginx.

Speaking of which, let’s talk about the sites one by one.

– Padraig – It’s doing alright. People do read the site, I get tweets and posts every so often from people with their reactions to their stories which is great to hear! – Since I launched this back in January, it has failed…Just like Gamers and Geeks. The site itself is seeing little to no traffic and the only thing that is redeeming itself as a community is the JC2MP server which is seeing a good amount of players on it in the evening times.
I really would like to see a community starting to build on the forums and hopefully we can develop into something bigger,  but that seems like so far away….

– Gamers and – It’s dead….as a door nail. Nothing is happening with it. It is done. – Don’t really focus on it that much…although I should do.

Now, onto gaming.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is taking up a lot of my time since I absolutely love the game and I won’t see me stop playing for quite a while.

A friend of mine got me back into WoW again, but I haven’t done much with it over the past week or week and a half. He is very busy with University, so playing it is….difficult.

As for everything else, I will play them when I have the time and when I feel like playing them. Do check the VampiricPadraig page if you wanna add me on any game service.

Right, that is going to do it from this update. Hopefully I will come back with more positive news that what I had today. Thank you all for reading!