Little things that annoy me in video games

Nov 2, 2013

So tonight, I was playing Worms Revolution and of course, you have to go through the Training before you can start on the actual story for Worms.

So, I decided to plow through it anyway. I could have done it in half the time if there WASN’T SO MANY CUT SCENES!

Everytime that you were taught how to use a weapon, you were instructed to pick up the weapon..pause..cutscene…pause…play…then a another cutscene. Obviously this is to show new players how to play the game, but COME ON! A simple tutorial on how to use the Bazooka doesn’t need to take more than 2 minutes to figure out.

While I do like the game, the slow pace of the game just hindered my enjoyment of the game. Hopefully there isn’t too much more of that in the actual story.

Padraig Fahy

A tech support guy by day and a gamer by night!

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