[The JukeBox] #3 - Believe in Nexus - Masaaki Endoh

Hey everyone, Welcome to MLM. I couldn’t find the full lyrics to this, so I am doing the TV Size Version. This is the opening to the 4th series of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s in Japan :D YouTube Video Follows :D


Sono te nobashi te mabayui ashita o tsukamitore mugen no sora habatake BELIEVE IN NEXUS Araburu kono shoudou daremino tomeranai te ni ase ni giru koubou taka maru kono HEART BEAT Bibi chimai souna batoru sakerarenai koko de owarasetakunai GO FOR IT Tachiagare kodoku ni obiefuruenaide nakama ga matte irukoto mou-ichido omoidase Kowaku wa naisa akirame wa shinai donna sugoi yatsu ni mo make wa shinai itsudatte honki no yuuki de BELIEVE IN NEXUS

English (translated)

Reach out your hand and grab ahold of that bright tommorrow Take to the boundless sky BELIEVE IN NEXUS These wild impulses can’t be stopped by anyone The struggle is breathtaking and it’s increasing my HEART BEAT There’s no turning back from a battle that looks scary Don’t wanna let it end here, so GO FOR IT Stand up, don’t tremble in fear to loneliness Just remember that your friends are there, waiting for you I’m not afraid, I’m not gonna give up, and no matter who I’m up against I’m never gonna lose, not with true courage in hand BELIEVE IN NEXUS