Monday 21st January 2013

Hi folks, It has been a few days since my last blog post and I have been busy working away at my new job that I started a couple of weeks ago.

This weekend past, I have been playing TERA. A MMORPG that is about to go F2P, so I said, I might as well try it and see how it is.

On top of that I have been delving into Feed the Beast which is now gaining popularity as a Tekkit competitor  I am really enjoying it and I even put up a server for it.

And since the server is now up, I need a way to get people whitelisted easily and effectively, so I have brought back Gamers and Geeks. I am not going to dedicate all my time to it. All I did, was set up a forum and created relevent forums for it.

So, if you would like to play Feed The Beast with me and a couple of friends, register onto the forum and request your username to be whitelisted, so you can start playing asap.

I have it centered around PC gaming and PC hardware, so it should be appealing to everyone.

Visit now (Hey, I am allowed to plug my own stuff…It’s my blog after all lol)

Anyway, that is going to do it for now. I should have a JukeBox up this week at some stage and maybe something else coming later this week. Have a good week everyone 🙂