Monday 3rd December 2012

Hi everyone. How are we all doing today!

So, I came back from the LAN on Saturday and I was tired as hell and I decided to go to bed at about midday and didn’t wake up till that evening, but hey, I don’t mind it. It was a freaking great LAN and hopefully there will be more of that in the future.

Anyway, to other news. More blogging this December. Yes, MORE! JukeBox, Tech stuff and Ac!D Linux.
Ac!D Linux launched to the puiblic fully this morning and posts will start appearing at 10am GMT and hopefully I can bring some of those posts over to here which would be awesome.

I want to get into more writing about different things (Some personal, some not) and hopefully there will be a good few posts created over the next month and that we will finish 2012 in style 😀

Anyway, I shall chat to you all in the morning, I am going to sleep now since it is 2:20am and I am getting tired lol 🙂