MusicBot on Discord

Aug 6, 2016

In the past couple of months, I have moved my gaming community from our Website forums to something more popular, Discord.

This was by far, the best decision that I have made as our community is more popular than ever. I had got a request from a member, asking for a MusicBot to be implemented.

Why not, right?

So, during one lunch time at work, I decided to get it up and running and it has already attracted a few people to exchange their favourite songs.

One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.
~ Bob Marley

A few points about the features of the MusicBot.

  • Runs on the web server that we have, so not dependent on other server providers.
  • Allows users to input a single YouTube URL or a Playlist!
  • When there is nothing in the queue, it defaults to a autoplaylist.txt file which contains nearly 3000 YouTube videos.
  • Volume control
  • Permission system
  • Skip functionality (This is a big one)

And the developer is actively working on the Bot, so hopefully it will get more popular in the future.

Check out the GitHub repo for the MusicBot:

Padraig Fahy

A tech support guy by day and a gamer by night!

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