[MusicLyricFriday] S3 E11 (FINAL) - Origa - New Bodhum -Aggressive Mix-

Welcome everyone to the LAST edition in the current series of “Music Lyrics”. From today, I am changing the name of the series from “Music Lyrics” to “The Jukebox”.

The Jukebox is going to be showcasing songs that I love from Ireland, England and of course around the world.

I chose to rename this because there is songs that I enjoy that don’t have lyrics and would be pointless putting into a lyrics series. That’d be kinda weird.

Anyway, let’s get on with the last edition of MLX!!!

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**Do you remember a touch of the wind on you?
Softer than whispers of angel that falls in love
Do you remember the sound of the ocean waves?
Breaking alone time after time, ah
Believing in magic can make you strong
Tell everyone that this is a place where you belong

Ah, everything looks shiny in the sun
A day in your life
Close your eyes to find yourself
In wonderful world
Ah, everything feels like your fantasy
A night in your life
Close your eyes to find yourself
In mystic timeline

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Thanks for reading the past few “MusicLyrics” blog posts. Might do E1 of TheJukeBox this evening. Thanks again. 🙂