My feelings are still there

I need to get this off my chest…it has been bugging me for a while now.

About 3 years ago, I dated a girl (For privacy reasons, we’ll call her ‘A’), and we went out for say…a month at the most. While this might be insignificant to other people, it was quite significant.

Because A was the first person that I had actually fell in love with. Things didn’t work out between us and we split…Ever since then, I have had days where I thought about her.

Today is one of those days…I ask myself…what did I do wrong? Where did I go wrong?

I just wish, there was a day that I could add A again on Facebook, or even text her (That’s if her number still works 3 years on) and say “Sorry!”, but I think that 3 years for a apology wouldn’t go down well.

I am not looking for sympathy here…I definitely don’t deserve it. I just want to know where I went wrong.

It would be nice that one day that I could talk to you again…say “Hi” and get to chat again…at the very least…still be friends, because I have seem to have lost a lot of them over the past couple of years.

As I type this, I realise that I have lost more than just A…I have lost friends…trust and probably more.