My introduction to git!

So, the other day a good friend of mine fucking retard that is a tranny (Reid at, set up a GitLab (Which is a self-hosted GitHub-esqe website) and the first thing that I said to him was.

I must learn Git

So, I spent about a couple of hours talking with him and linking to the git-scm website and before I knew it, I was pushing files from my Linux server over SSH to this Git website!

Once it “clicked” with me on what was the reasoning for using Git, GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket etc was, I was so intrigured. The way that branches can be easily created and doing patches and what-have-ya. It was amazing.

I worked over the weekend with Pricetx (@Pricetx), on creating/modifying some Just Cause 2 Multiplayer Scripts and we were creating, editing, uploading all through Git and GitLab.

And with that said, I am now going to start using Git for simple version control stuff and hopefully something good with come out of it eventually. 😛

The next site that I am creating (nologam), is going to be hosted on our private GitLab for development purposes and hopefully we’ll get some awesome stuff going.

Invaluable tool to know no matter which part of the IT industry you are in 🙂