My trip into the world of Eorzea

About a year when I launched this version of the blog (16th August), I had purchased a little MMO game called ‘Guild Wars 2’ and I even posted a couple of blog posts about the login issues that the game had on headstart.

Seems that ArenaNet has changed the name of Guild Wars 2 to….

Yay! Guild Wars 2 Headstart is on. Let’s pla…Oh….OK…..

Since that post, I played the game for about 2 months before I quit. The game wasn’t  fun. I wasn’t enjoying it after the initial 35 levels and just gave up on it.

12 months later and he we are, another MMO is about to come out and the big question is…will I stay with Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn? The answer is a simple yes.

Final Fantasy XIV to most people think that it’s just a UI reskin of the original game, which was released back in 2010 but it didn’t really take off like what happened to Final Fantasy XI.

FFXIV is one of those games, which I have been looking forward to since I started playing the beta’s back in February and I do not regret it. The experience has been fantastic and now I will focus on the game (In terms of end-game and hardcore PvE) and I will probably join up with some free company that I can just chill out on and have a bit of fun with.

But alas, Where there is a upside to one thing, there must always be a downside which I talk about in another post.

With that also said, when I am not playing the game, I am also going to be looking after Gamers and Geeks which has come back after some time and myself and a few friends are going to be getting that up and running and hopefully in mid-September, we will be able to start some podcasting.

I plan to make a One Man Final Fantasy XIV podcast for Gamers and Geeks as well as produce the main Gaming Podcast.

I am looking very forward to the game. If you would like to add me in game, My name on it is “Crakila Fors’ee” and I am on the Cerberus EU server!