So, there is this little shooter on Steam that people may or may not know about. It’s called Nexuiz.

It was a mod that was created on the Quake Engine and was released by AlienWare in 2005. The game gained popularity because of the community and because it was based on a awesome engine and everything was fine and dandy.

(Now I could go into detail on HOW we got to the new Nexuiz, but that is for another time I think)

Fast forward to 2011, and the lead designer of Nexuiz worked with Illfonic to make a new version of Nexuiz based on the CryENGINE 3 engine. The game released in February 2012 on Xbox Live and in May 2012 on Steam.

Now, here is where everything starts turning a bit ugly. Illfonic’s new game just happened to be published by…THQ. (Alarm bells should be ringing right now)

THQ published the game to mainly help with the console side of things (Provide the servers, less money to spend on it etc) and Illfonic was looking after the PC version themselves.

In March 2013, when THQ was closed down the Xbox Servers were turned off (Since they technically belong to THQ) and that was the end of that. Illfonic couldn’t pay to get servers, so they declared that Nexuiz on the Xbox was pretty much dead and the servers being shut down was the nail in the coffin.

Since then, everything has been deteriorating on the PC side of things. We (the community) were told about a month after THQ was closed down that the PC Servers wouldn’t go down.

A month after that…Yup, you guessed it…The PC MASTER SERVER went down. What does that mean? That means that the game is pretty much useless since it needs a master server to run the game (Oh, I should point out, that Nexuiz is primarily a multiplayer game, there is no Single-Player mode, unless you are playing against bots)

And today, a Illfonic dev has made a post on the forums stating that nothing has been happening and there doesn’t seem to be a new server coming along any time soon.

So, where am I getting to which this long winded post. I am looking to make a change to Nexuiz and hopefully something that get this game back up and running and hopefully get the community (or even new players) back into the game and hopefully get a 2nd tournament with ESL.

I have submitted a ticket to Steam to see if they can do anything to help help Illfonic get the servers back up and running and make this game awesome again. I am willing to help those guys if only they are willing to trust the community who really want to play this game.