No new posts for a few days or so

Hey everyone. Disaster happened.

Woke up on Saturday morning to find out that my boot drive for Windows 7 had died.

This was the message I was presented with:

So, now I have to wait till Tuesday before I can order my new drive. Which will be a Samsung 830 from and hopefully should be here by next Friday at the latest.

I can still be contacted on my Twitter since I still have my Android device and I am using a Ubuntu 10.04 LIVE CD to type this post up.

Can’t listen to anything on this because A) The audio drivers in Ubuntu suck and B) I don’t have my speakers plugged in. I am listening to music on the Galaxy S2 and watching Twitch TV streams via the Android app, so I am not losing out on much.

I will of course keep this blog updated with everything that happens.

I should hopefully be back in action soon. Really want to play Guild Wars 2 and TF2 right about now 🙂