Oh look a new gaming community...again...Part II

Nope. It’s not G&G. And it’s not VGIRE! It’s about Cyber Enemy!

Hey folks! In January of this year, I asked a few friends on Facebook whether they would like to create a clan of some kind and a couple of people got back to me and after some talking, we decided to create Cyber Enemy.

It was great, we had the site up and running, we had the YouTube channel up and running and videos were being uploaded to it! We kept posting for about 3-4 weeks and then one of the co-leaders (who I will not name), decided to join his other friends and create a new clan for his BF3 friends. I was a touch saddened by the news, but I was expecting it.

I have been trying to get a gaming community up and off the ground since 2007 with no sucession.

Yeah…2007…6 years!

We had “PopGamerzz” which then became “Games World Forums” and then it became “Gamers and Geeks”.
Then I thought of taking a different approach with “VGIRE”. I wanted to create a eSports news hub…similar to what ESPN would do, but I couldn’t create the web software that I needed because I lack in the education department when it comes to making sites.

And now that Cyber Enemy is still belonging to me, I decided that I would purchase a dedicated server and host game servers on it.

And has anyone played on those…No. Of course they haven’t. Who would want to play on a server that is owned by me…

So now that I think about it, I have single handly, created a website and some game servers, but no customers to use them.

I don’t know where I am going wrong!

I try to promote, but then I get yelled at on Twitter and on Facebook for self-promoting.

I don’t take donations. EVER!

And I have ZERO ads across the Padraig Fahy Network. ZERO!.

All the servers, domains, hosting is all paid out of my pocket.

I try to be a great person that tries and keeps everything up and running.

I have shut down servers and sites before because of no viewership and it looks like that Cyber Enemy could be going the same way.

This was not intended to be a rant, but this was intended to be a blog post about what I have to offer with Cyber Enemy, but it loosk like I got side tracked from that from when I started typing.