Update June 2022 Update June 2022
This is not me. 

Hey everyone, it's been a while since there has been an update with the site.

Back in April 2021, I moved from WordPress to Ghost for the 2nd time (I did it in 2017/2018 I believe) and I can tell you that the software has gotten leaps and bounds better.

I am really enjoying blogging on Ghost now and I enjoy the simplistic experience of the admin panel for Ghost compared to WordPress. It makes me want to write MORE.

So, I am announcing a change:

All posts going forward will now be behind a membership wall.

There will be 3 tiers:

  • FREE - Absolutely zero payment and you get access to all the posts.
  • SUPPORTER - Only if you absolutely wish to support. You will get access to all the posts, plus some exclusive, more personal posts... Stuff that I generally wouldn't share. It'll not be a regular thing either.
  • SUPER SUPPORTER - Same as SUPPORTER, but only if you wish to contribute more money.

Payments are done through Stripe. No PayPal. Sorry.

There is now also an option as an existing user (And after you sign up) to only get wrestling and / or jukebox posts.

Click the PF logo on the bottom right to bring up your account settings and choose 'Email Preferences'

Feedback is always appreciated on Twitter: @PadraigFahy