I decided to work on the site a wee bit, mostly back end changes. Here we go

  • Added CloudFlare
  • Added Disqus commenting system
  • Added Social Sharing Links (Don’t worry, they are not intrusive at all)
  • Added Contact Form (Click “Contact Me” at the top of the page)
  • Changed the “Twenty-Eleven” theme to the Dark variant.
  • Removed Header Picture(s)
  • Added Akismet (I know it’s pointless when I have Disqus, but I have it there anyway…Does no harm)
  • EDIT: Added the “P” favicon. 😀

And that is pretty much it.

My “plan” for the design was to put a Twitter, Google+, Tumblr button where the search box is (Top-Right) corner of the page. If you are a web dev and you would like to tell me how this can be done easily, you may leave a comment below 🙂

Before I sign off, I would like to address something. I will NEVER put ads on this site..Why? Because A) They are intrusive, B) I gain nothing from them.

I also won’t be putting big pop-ups/pop-unders to other sites…That is just being a dick and kinda ruins the blog.

Now that I have the Social Plugin in, I will NOT be telling you to follow my Twitter, nor subscribe to the RSS. The buttons are there if you want to use it. There is zero obligation in using them.

Hope you all have a nice Sunday/Monday 🙂