[Personal] Monday 12th September 2012

I know I don’t (or should be) talking about my family on my blog but I need to get this out there!

**As you all know, I am 21, Unemployed with no suitable qualifications or anything that would get me into college. So, I am at home looking at jobs that I can’t get (That discussion is for another day).

But one thing that I have to deal with is family. I love my family (as everyone else does) and we are all pretty good people. My mum is a carer for my grandfather, who is a retired curb-layer and you have my father who is currently attending college after being layed off in 2009.

Unfortunately, it’s not a simple “happy family”, there is a downside. My mother had back, stomach and hand problems. Just last week, her disc slipped in her back (I told here to clean the heads and re-insert it….No?!…No….), so I have to help her around the house with certain tasks because my dad is at college Tuesday-Friday.

Then you have my grandfather, he is nearly 80yo and has Diabetes and Blindness, so looking after him is a chore in itself!

Everything can be fine one day and then the next, it’s like a war between all of us. My grandfather works on a farm (very small farm at that) and he complains and complains and complains about the smallest of things, from loosing a bag of milk power (for the calves) to looking for some tool for him.

And on top of that, there is the constant shouting of “I can’t see much”, “My eyes are sore” and various other 1-liners.

And that just a typical -quiet- day in the household.

Moving on to my dad, he can get grumpy pretty easily and pretty quickly. He doesn’t even talk to me anymore. Any time that I talk to him, he never looks at me, he is always on Facebook or something and never spends 5 mins away from it to talk to me.

Hell, he doesn’t even come to my room to talk…he’ll only look for me if he is looking for something or there is something wrong with his computer. I am just a tad angry at him and have now given him the silent treatment.

And then there is my mum, she is awesome. Nothing wrong with here. Mum and I get on like bread and butter. We have our arguements about things, but generally, we have a pretty good time.

So, what I am trying to get at is, even though I may come across a dick at times, it’s probably because of what is happening with the family.

This is why I don’t have a job. There is people to look after and not enough of hours in the day to do so…

EDIT: 2.50pm
I would like to double back on some things that I said in this post regarding my father.

Today..he won’t talk to me or even look at me in the eye…at all. He is more interested in what happens with his college friends than what is happening with me. He hasn’t even asked me if there is anything wrong…

Maybe I should see someone or maybe I should just get out of the house away from all this mess for a while…