pf v0.3

At last, I have finally bothered my ass to update this website once again.

I have changed the theme from Uno Zen to Crush as it is a lot more simplier than what Uno Zen was offering.

One nice little addition was the Unsplash images. Everytime you reload the main page, a new Unsplash image from the ‘Technology’ category loaded.

To do this, I simply done this with the index.hbs theme was:

On Line 5 change:

<header class="main-header {{#if @blog.cover}}" style="background-image: url({{@blog.cover}}){{else}}no-cover{{/if}}">


<header class="main-header {{#if @blog.cover}}" style="background-image: url({{else}}no-cover{{/if}}">

So that is something I suppose 🙂