PFN Update 11th October 2013

Hey everyone. It has been a bit since I have done a proper blog and I thought I would let you all know what has been happening at PFN.

We have moved, and to Chocobo. Chocobo is the nickname for the new dedicated server that I have which now gives me even more flexibility to do what I want.

Gamers and Geeks has undergone a re-branding.


![Gamers and Geeks January 2013 Logo]( and Geeks logo (January – October 2013)


![Gamers and Geeks October 2013 Logo]( Gamers and Geeks logo (October 2013 – Present)

Updates of Gamers and Geeks are made over on the forums and a detailed post about specific changes will be going up soon on it.

As for, nothing much has changed since the August Update (whenever TwentyThirteen) was released. You may have noticed that the PF logo is Orange (At the time of writing), but this is just a ‘event’ logo since it is nearly Hallowe’en, but it will of course change back to the blue-logo for November (and then December is HoHoHo month (Can’t bloody wait(!)))

We had some teething issues with MySQL and WordPress and vBulletin when we moved to Chocobo.

One night, I got about 20 emails from vBulletin telling me that there was a database error and that there was something about space being full. Rightfully so, when I logged into SSH, the first thing I see is.

“/ is 99% of 19.8GB”. This meant that the / (root) partitions on the drive filled. I couldn’t figure out how to fix it, and it clicked with me at about 3pm, that the backups that was setup by a friend was going to the root partiton and thus was creating that issue. So, for now, we have moved the backups to a protected folder in the /home/ partition and symlinked the backup folder to go to it, so we don’t have to mess with the script.

Since MySQL crashed, it corrupted most of the tables and the built in tools on vBulletin to repair and optimise tables didn’t work, so I had to manually use a command to repair and fix all the tables that were affected. Luckily nothing here on WordPress was affected which is always a good thing.

So, after a good few hours of fixing everything up, I got it back up and running again and have been keeping a close eye on it.

As for WordPress though, when I moved the site over, it didn’t want to upload any pictures. Hmm…sounds like a issue that I had before.

With some permissions picking, I finally got it sorted last night, and the pictures do seem to be working as intended and thus I have no more problems.

I am no means a web developer (Although, I would love to be one), but I do try and learn how to fix stuff and I would like to use languages such as JavaScript and PHP and manually add my own content to stuff like WordPress and vBulletin.

Righteo, I have rambled enough about PFN for now. Should hopefully have a gaming update later on all going good.