PSA: Steam Sale Rules

Just because a game is on sale…doesn’t mean that it will be reduced again…because it can

You only buy games when 1 of 4 things occur:

  1. The game is in the daily deal (rotates every 48hrs)
  2. The game is in a flash sale (rotates every 8hrs)
  3. The game is in the community sale (Chosen by the community, rotates every 8hrs) or
  4. It’s the final day. (July 22nd)

If a game came out recently (say…2 weeks) and it’s on sale for say 33%, then you should buy it because it will more than likely not go on further reduction throughout the sale.

Beware of packs of games (Half Life packs, publisher packs) because the games might be cheaper individually than the whole package itself.