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Quick Mock-up of the new VGIRE

Nov 1, 2012

Earlier tonight, I talked about creating a new VGIRE and I said that I would do some mock up images of it. Here they are.

I am going for a “social network-esqe, eSports, community” setup!.

[![]( “vgire_mock1”)]( message for teams. Below would be a “pop-up” covering other status messages showing the details of the match. I used Counter-Strike as a good example for this!
[![]( “vgire_mock2”)]( as above for a Starcraft style where there is a 1v1 situation. Since Starcraft is normally a “best of 3” match, I did it this way.
[![]( “vgire_mock3”)]( here is the comment section for that particular status. There would be a link to open the comments section and would slide down using jQuery.

So they are just some VERY quick mockup that I created and hopefully…someday I can implement it in some shape.

Padraig Fahy

A tech support guy by day and a gamer by night!

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