Recommendations for Steam Daily Deals – Day 3

Hi guys, this is something that I am going to do for this sale. A personal recommendation on what games that you should buy in the daily deals.

Remember, do not buy anything until the final day.
If a game is 60%+ discounted, you will probably not see that deal again during the sale and you should pick it up.

Make sure you have a look at the flash sales that change throughout the day and the Community Choice sale on the right side of the front page. Note, once you see those on sale, there is a very slim chance that you will see them again in a daily deal but anything is possible with Steam!

All prices will be in €.

Deals from yesterday rollover are still on sale for 24hrs. So check out my post from yesterday if you missed any deals yesterday!

Dota 2 – €13.59 – If you are into MOBA’s and into games such as the original Dota or even League of Legends then you should pick this game up. This includes ingame items (hence the price) but the game can be got for free. If you don’t pick this up, don’t worry. It will come out eventually.

Dungeon Defenders – €2.99 – A tower defense game that is in 3D. Do check out the game as it’s really really good. I haven’t played DD, but from what I have heard, it is a really good game. And you should pick up the collection for €12.49

Dawn of War II Franchise – €9.99 – This will get you everything to do with Dawn of War 2 and Dawn of War. DoW and DoW2 is pretty good, so if you are into RTS’ like Starcraft and Command and Conquer, you should buy this.

Blood Bowl – (€4.99 for Legendary, €14.99 for Chaos Edition) – This game is hilarious. It’s a comical version of Rugby and American football in a fantasy world filled with magic and mischief. If you are looking for something funny and just for a laugh, I would buy this game.
I can’t comment on the other daily deals as I have not played or seen anything from those games.

Have a good look around the site for any hidden deals (Indie games are full of them), and if you would like to purchase me something for christmas, you can check out my wishlist and gift it to me. Doing that will give you the achievement on your profile as part of the achievement set.